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Karnataka Milk Federation


Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) is the second largest dairy co-operative in India. At the local level, the federation is made up of over 11,000 local co-operatives in which over 2.1 million small milk producers are united. As members, they together own KMF.


The federation’s goal is to improve the life circumstances of its members by uniting forces, production process improvements, and by better and direct marketing of products.


KMF gradually came into being. The first of the dairy co-operatives that make up KMF started in 1955 in Kudige, Kodagu District. KMF was founded in 1974 as Karnataka Dairy Development Corporation (KDDC) to implement a diary development project run by the World Bank. In 1984 the organisation was renamed KMF. In 1993, the average milk production per day crossed the 1 million kilo mark.


KMF markets milk products under the brand name Nandini, which is well known in India. Thanks to KMF, the situation in Karnataka (a state in Southern India) has changed from milk scarcity into a milk surplus. KMF itself now employs 52,000 workers.


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Type of initiative Company
Field of work Agriculture, Trade
Date of commencement 1975
Legal form
Continent Asia
Country India
City Bangalore
One or several keywords that describe your initiative co-operative, co-operative federation, member ownership, dairy production
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Name Karnataka Milk Federation
Address #2915, KMF Complex, Dr. M.H. Marigowda Road
Zip/postal code 560 029
Place Bangalore
State/province Karnataka
Country India
Phone +91 080 255 36625



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