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New Ideas for New Societies

The Summer Foundation strives for a society in which each individual can develop in freedom; has an equal opportunity to think, speak and decide about agreements, rules and laws that apply to him and others; and receives his fair share of what mankind and the earth produce and in solidarity contributes his share as well.. Read more…




Are you looking for ideas on how to set up an innovative company, or how citizens can have a direct say in decisions or would you like to know how fair pricing can work? Check out our Ideas section..


Best Practices

Take a look at our initiatives database to see which companies, banks and other organizations are already putting our ideas into practice.



Latest initiatives

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization operating in more than 70 countries to conserve tropical forests and biodiversity. Their mission is to develop and promote economically viable... more information

Share The World's Resources (STWR)

Less than one-quarter of the world's people, those who live in the developed countries of both West and... more information


Freitaler  My City. My Economy. The implementation of many complementary currencies* was an innovative... more information

Latest news

Can education save our planet?

07-08-2016 - The Akasha Akademy offers several affordable interactive online courses and personal coaching to train people in the ages of 18 to 30 to... read more

Consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products

19-05-2016 - Sixty-six percent of global respondents say they are willing to pay more for sustainable goods, according to the 2015 Nielsen Global Corporate... read more

Tiny House – living in total freedom on a few square feet

24-04-2016 - Tiny House has been a known factor in the USA for quite some time, but it is now slowly also gaining ground in for instance Japan, Spain,... read more

FabCity: addressing the social and environmental challenges of the 21st century

16-04-2016 - On April 11th, FabCity, a so-called green, self-sustaining city, was opened by both the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Scienc and... read more

Crowdfunding for Peerby’s sustainable business model huge success

05-04-2016 - By the end of 2015 Peerby added a pilot to the platform called Peerby Go; a rental and delivery service. The pilot was such a success that... read more



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The Summer Foundation strives for a free, equal and solidary society. More about this…