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New Ideas for New Societies

The Summer Foundation strives for a society in which each individual can develop in freedom; has an equal opportunity to think, speak and decide about agreements, rules and laws that apply to him and others; and receives his fair share of what mankind and the earth produce and in solidarity contributes his share as well.. Read more…




Are you looking for ideas on how to set up an innovative company, or how citizens can have a direct say in decisions or would you like to know how fair pricing can work? Check out our Ideas section..


Best Practices

Take a look at our initiatives database to see which companies, banks and other organizations are already putting our ideas into practice.



Latest initiatives

Development Trust

Development trusts are part of the community and social enterprise movement and are enterprises created by communities to enable sustainable development in their area. This means they are community-based... more information

Community Enterprise

A community enterprise is a specialized form of community-based organization that has both commercial and social... more information

Oikopolis SA

Based in Luxembourg, Oikopolis is an integrated platform involved in producing, wholesaling and retailing... more information

Latest news

Can community enterprises help tackle poverty in their neighbourhood?

29-01-2016 - Community-based enterprises such as development trusts can play an important role in alleviating poverty. They can give those without power a... read more

An antibiotics-free menu, please!

28-01-2016 - The theme for this year's World Consumer Rights Day will be “Antibiotics off the menu”. Consumers International, together with members... read more

How would you like your coffee, Direct Trade or Fair Trade?

17-11-2015 - Most conscientious consumers already look for fair trade articles on the shelves, but if we really want to make a difference in the developing... read more

Renewable Energy is also good for your health!

03-11-2015 - Renewable electricity projects and energy-efficiency measures aren’t only beneficial to the climate, but they also deliver benefits to public... read more

Airesis: a social network that stimulates participation

29-10-2015 - Airesis, a decision-making tool for e-democracy that is structured as a social network, allows users (communities, teams, school classes,... read more



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The Summer Foundation strives for a free, equal and solidary society. More about this…