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New Ideas for New Societies

The Summer Foundation strives for a society in which each individual can develop in freedom; has an equal opportunity to think, speak and decide about agreements, rules and laws that exist between him and others; and, in a spirit of solidarity, both receives and contributes his fair share of what mankind and the earth produce. Read more…




Are you looking for ideas on how to set up an innovative company, how citizens can have a direct say in decisions, how fair pricing can work, and more? Check out our section on ideas.


Best Practices

Take a look at our initiatives database to see which companies, banks and other organizations are already putting our ideas into practice.



Latest initiatives

Schumacher Center for a New Economics

The Schumacher Center for a New Economics (SCNE) is supporting all those who wish to work towards a new economy that supports both people and the planet. SCNE wants to educate the public and show them that a... more information

Corporate Accountability International

Corporate Accountability International (established in 1977) works to end irresponsible and dangerous corporate... more information


Shareable is a network organization, established in the USA in 2009, that promotes the art of sharing. The... more information

Latest news

Fishing for plastic

29-09-2014 - The oceans contain more plastic than plankton. That is a major problem for our food chain and compels us to start using sustainable and... read more

The future farmer works in the city

25-09-2014 - According to Caleb Harper, a scientist at the MIT University in Massachusetts, the way we grow food will change dramatically in the coming... read more

Japan creates floating solar islands

22-09-2014 - In September 2014 Japan started with the construction of two floating solar power plants that will generate 2.9 megawatts of energy. In April... read more

@nother kind of money

18-09-2014 - End of September 2014 the Dutch Social Trade Organization (STRO) will publish a new book on the positive influence of local currencies.... read more

Energy consumption can cause severe water shortages

15-09-2014 - With the growth of the world population and industry, the need for electricity will increase significantly over the next decades. According to... read more



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Innovative ideas about organizational structures of society are more than necessary. Click here for an expanding collection of articles.



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The Summer Foundation strives for a free, equal and solidary society. More about this…