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New Ideas for New Societies

The Summer Foundation strives for a society in which each individual can develop in freedom; has an equal opportunity to think, speak and decide about agreements, rules and laws that exist between him and others; and, in a spirit of solidarity, both receives and contributes his fair share of what mankind and the earth produce. Read more…




Are you looking for ideas on how to set up an innovative company, how citizens can have a direct say in decisions, how fair pricing can work, and more? Check out our section on ideas.


Best Practices

Take a look at our initiatives database to see which companies, banks and other organizations are already putting our ideas into practice.



Latest initiatives

Electronics Watch

Electronics Watch works to protect the labour rights of workers in the global electronics industry. They do this by uniting the buying power of European government institutions. Together they aim to build a... more information

Noabershop Assen

The Noabershop (meaning “the neighbourshop” in one of the many Dutch dialects) is a private... more information


BIEN, founded in 1986, originally stood for Basic Income European Network, but in 2004 the organization changed... more information

Latest news

With new Peerby app access to stuff wins from ownerhip

23-03-2015 - The Sharing Economy (sometimes also referred to as the peer-to-peer economy or collaborative economy) offers a whole new way of living.... read more

Setting up a local currency in Spain now easier than ever!

18-03-2015 - "People Money, The promise of regional currencies”, written by Margrit Kennedy, Bernard Lietaer and John Rogers, describes a global... read more

Great documentary on why Fairtrade matters

27-02-2015 - Why does Fairtrade matter? The answer to this question is revealed in the short documentary ‘Fairtrade Matters’. The documentary portraits the... read more

‘See through fashion’ offers complete transparency

24-02-2015 - “Fashion is made of real stuff, by real people, with real hands and real lives, we can’t deny it and will not hide it.” This almost poetic... read more

The first Village Trade Centre

19-02-2015 - Entrepreneurs from the Dutch village Varik will soon open the first Village Trade Center. With the opening of this centre they make a... read more



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Innovative ideas about organizational structures of society are more than necessary. Click here for an expanding collection of articles.



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The Summer Foundation strives for a free, equal and solidary society. More about this…