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February 20 2014

Tunisia's revolutionary constitution

This week, the Tunisian parliament passed a truly historic constitution widely heralded as a progressive and monumental document. The document is the result of lengthy negotiations between a government dominated by Islamists and the largely secular opposition. Of the 216 votes cast, there were about two hundred in favor of the new constitution, which forms the basis for a new democratic state in Tunisia after the uprising of 2011.


The new constitution guarantees equality between men and women; contains a constitutional mandate for environmental protection (Tunisia is the third country in the world to do so); contains a declaration that health care is a human right (with preventative care and treatment for every citizen) and guarantees freedom of religion.


The legislation concerning the environment can also be called revolutionary. The constitution promises that a “contribution to a sound climate and the right to a sound and balanced environment shall be guaranteed and the state shall provide the necessary means to eliminate environmental pollution.”


In one stroke, Tunisia's constitution has become more democratic than the constitution of many Western countries. It is seen as a victory for democracy and human rights.



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With a little help from a colleague

2014-11-27 - You are working as a bus driver, you have a 8-year-old daughter, and a pregnant wife who is seriously ill due to a stroke. You actually want... read more

Biking on a solar road

2014-11-24 - The Dutch have invented a bicycle road that generates energy. SolaRoad is the first road in the world that converts sunlight into electricity.... read more

Straight from the farmer

2014-11-20 - More and more people want to know where their food comes from and how it is produced. For that reason the Dutch entrepreneur Arthur Nijhuis... read more

Capital in the 21st Century

2014-11-17 - There are only a few economists who can tell a coherent story if you ask them to explain the exorbitant differences between poverty and... read more

Newspaper about liberty, equality and fraternity

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Bread Funds popular among Dutch self-employed entrepreneurs

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India finances clean energy with tax on coal

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Madrid’s parking meters punish gas guzzlers

2014-07-21 - The Spanish capital Madrid has introduced smart parking meters based on the principle 'the polluter pays'. The older and more... read more

Water revolution in Detroit

2014-07-17 - In Detroit, a city with 700,000 residents, water corporations are violating the human rights of citizens by shutting of their water supply.... read more

Trading garbage for health care

2014-07-14 - Waste is money. Taking this as a starting point, the Indonesian physician Gamal Albi Said has started several clinics where patients are... read more

Crowdsuing makes a stand against big companies

2014-07-10 - Three Dutch entrepreneurs have established a crowdfunding platform that helps citizens to take action against misconduct of large companies... read more

New York City invests $1.2 million in worker cooperatives

2014-07-07 - In a move recognizing the role of co-ops to create quality jobs and spur local economic growth, the New York City Council will invest a... read more

Cooperatives are there to help the community

2014-07-03 - Amazing things can happen when people join forces. A nice example is the Evergreen Cooperative that started in 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio. A... read more

Olive oil for peace

2014-06-30 - Business can be a great tool for peace. While tension between Israel and Palestine is increasing, civilians build bridges by working together... read more

3D printer produces ten houses per day

2014-06-26 - A Chinese construction company has built a huge 3D printer that is able to produce ten houses a day. The 3D printer is 6.6 meters high, 10... read more

Natural alternative to pesticides

2014-06-23 - Researchers from the universities of Utrecht (the Netherlands) and Sheffield (UK) have developed a "vaccine" against fungi, viruses... read more

Environmental organization offers electric cars

2014-06-19 - The Dutch environmental organization Nature & Environment aims to encourage the use of electric cars with its own leasing program.... read more

Billboard filters air pollution

2014-06-16 - The city of Lima in Peru has the worst air pollution of all Latin American cities: more than three times than what is recommended by the World... read more

Three million Greeks cannot afford health care

2014-06-12 - Health care in Greece is excluding the poorest. More than three million Greeks have no health insurance. That is almost one in three! Those... read more

Quarter of European bumblebee species threatened with extinction

2014-06-09 - New research from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) shows that nearly a quarter of all European bumblebee species are... read more

Economic Democracy Conference pleads for citizens’ engagement

2014-06-05 - Last month we wrote about the 'Economic Democracy Conference` that was held in Baltimore, USA, on May 16 and 17, 2014. Over the course of... read more

WarkaWater Tower captures condensation

2014-06-02 - In many counties water scarcity is becoming an increasing problem. Especially in very hot and dry areas women often have to travel for hours... read more

Stanford University divests from coal

2014-05-29 - Driven by student protests, Stanford University announced that it is divesting its direct holdings from more than 100 coal companies, and is... read more

Can citizens influence the EU?

2014-05-26 - The European elections are over. Should we now patiently wait for another five years before we can have another say in EU policy, or are there... read more

Very little confidence in EU

2014-05-22 - From May 22 to May 25th 2014, 350 million people in 28 countries can vote for the European Parliament. But Europe is confronted with a major... read more

Dutch citizens take action for democratic right to information

2014-05-19 - Between 22 May and 25 May 2014 the citizens of 28 European countries will vote for a new European Parliament. The Netherlands and the United... read more

Dutch citizens want to have a say in EU policy and ask for referendum

2014-05-15 - In The Netherlands, a group of citizens formed an EU Citizens’ Committee in order to restrain the growing power of the EU. The Committee asks... read more

Euromania: how democratic is Europe?

2014-05-12 - On May 11 2014 the Dutch cineast Peter Vlemmix released his new film "Euromania". The crowdfunded documentary shows what is going on... read more

European Alliance pleads for democratic Trade Mandate

2014-05-08 - Over 50 civil society groups in Europe demand a paradigm shift in EU trade and investment policies. They have launched the Alternative Trade... read more

Conference on building a democratic economy

2014-05-05 - How can you make a community more democratic? How can people take back the power and control of the forces that shape their lives? How to... read more

Democracy for sale!

2014-05-01 - Do you want to know how the European Parliament is influenced by lobbyists? No problem! ‘Corporate Europe Observatory’ offers educational... read more

Income inequality hampers economic growth

2014-04-28 - In January 2014 the World Economic Forum stated that the gap between the rich and the poor will become the biggest problem in the coming... read more

A good neighbour

2014-04-24 - The informal help and care will become increasingly more important due to all current and future cost reductions, while senior citizens remain... read more

People Money translated into Spanish

2014-04-21 - "People Money”, written by Margrit Kennedy, Bernard Lietaer and John Rogers, is worldwide known to be the most adequate work on community... read more

Giving is contagious

2014-04-17 - It is not too often that you find a store more than willing to give away anything they have away for free, no questions asked, but that is... read more

Our Money wants to reform banking system

2014-04-10 - The Dutch Foundation Our Money (Ons Geld) is campaigning for a new monetary system, where money creation is placed under public... read more

Council and citizens of Lambeth develop new currency

2014-04-07 - Lambeth Council is developing a borough-wide electronic community currency: the Lambeth Pound. The aim is to support local, independent... read more

Sustainable behaviour rewarded in community currency

2014-04-03 - In twelve municipalities in the province of Limburg in Belgium, residents can earn points with environmentally friendly and sustainable... read more

Is Impossible possible?

2014-03-31 - During a trip to the Thai-Burmese border in 2010, model, actress, and Cambridge graduate Lily Cole came up with an idea: a social network... read more

Taking care of your parents by taking care of others

2014-03-27 - One in five people in Japan is 65 years or older and by 2035 that number is expected to reach one in three. This means a huge and growing... read more

Energy Cooperative for residents

2014-03-24 - Producing electricity together, by investing in solar energy! In The Netherlands the government encourages residents to create their own... read more

A fair price for food with FarmDrop

2014-03-20 - Every day farmers are working long days to produce our food. Nevertheless they receive only 10 to 15 percent of the final consumer sale price.... read more

Is the price right?

2014-03-17 - Dutch State Secretary for Economic Affairs, Sharon Dijksma, wants to give consumers a better insight into the changes of prices of... read more

Sustainable share, care and Rewear

2014-03-17 - Are you in need of new clothes, but you do not want to buy something new, then you can make use of the sustainable wardrobe “Rewear”. read more

Knitting grannies are hot!

2014-03-13 - Two years ago Dutch initiator Niek van Hengel founded the successful project Granny’s Finest. Meanwhile there is a trendy store in Rotterdam,... read more

French organic winemaker refuses pesticides and might end up in jail

2014-03-10 - The French winemaker Emmanuel Giboulet from Burgundy refuses to treat his vineyard with pesticides and is thereby risking six months in jail... read more

Dutch province Gelderland launches new currency

2014-03-06 - Residents and businesses in the Dutch province of Gelderland can now choose an alternative currency called the Gelre. The initiators hope that... read more

Food transportation can be a lot cleaner

2014-03-03 - In the city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, a study was made of the environmental impact of food transport and the result can be called... read more

Sharing your car at Schiphol Airport

2014-02-27 - Dutch people that go on holiday by plane do now have the possibility to rent out their car at Schiphol Airport. By renting out their car to... read more

Strengthening the community with GEM

2014-02-24 - In Johannesburg (South Africa) a new currency called ‘GEM’ is introduced that rewards volunteers for their labour. The GEM-project is an... read more

Tunisia's revolutionary constitution

2014-02-20 - This week, the Tunisian parliament passed a truly historic constitution widely heralded as a progressive and monumental document. The document... read more

Homeless earn a living with sustainable shopping bags

2014-02-17 - The homeless in Amsterdam can earn money by selling sustainable, solid shopping bags at the entrance of supermarkets. This initiative is an... read more

Brazil rocks the earth with natural fertilizer

2014-02-10 - Brazil has enacted legislation that includes soil remineralization. Small farmers are encouraged to add natural minerals to their soil instead... read more

The banana you buy can make a difference

2014-02-06 - England is preparing for one of the biggest fair-trade campaigns in history. The goal is to make everyone go ‘bananas’ and ensure that finally... read more

New eco-lamp against air-pollution

2014-02-03 - The French chemist Pierre Calleje has invented a lamp that is able to cut CO2 emissions. The eco-lamp works on green algae that naturally... read more

Pop-up clothing store for the homeless

2014-01-30 - In Cape Town, South Africa, an organization for the homeless started a wonderful new initiative: a pop-up clothing store. The store is... read more

Green network Hamburg will reduce pollution

2014-01-27 - The city of Hamburg has ambitious plans to build a green network exclusively for cyclists and pedestrians. Approximately 40 percent of the... read more

Food speculators finally tackled

2014-01-23 - The European Parliament and the European finance ministers have signed an agreement that regulates trade in financial products. The agreement... read more

Farmers Tanzania educated by phone app

2014-01-20 - A Tanzanian developer has created an Android application to boost the production of farmers. Tanzania has a low agricultural productivity,... read more

India requires rich companies to be social

2014-01-16 - Thanks to new legislation, all large profitable Indian companies are mandated to contribute 2 percent of their net profit over the last three... read more

Summer Foundation visits complementary currency systems

2014-01-15 - That what we now call "complementary money", used to be very "common" money in the past: for centuries cities or regions... read more

Coca-Cola fights consumer rights

2014-01-13 - Do you want to know what's in the products you are buying, where they are manufactured and under which conditions? Do you think you have... read more

British supermarket fights food poverty

2014-01-09 - In Goldthorpe, a former mining village and now an area of social deprivation near Barnsley in the United Kingdom, people claiming some form of... read more

Crystal Palace traders consider cashing it with their own currency

2014-01-06 - The Crystal Palace Chamber of Commerce held a meeting on December 4th where they discussed launching their own currency in a bid to keep... read more

Who pays the interest?

2014-01-02 - The German-based joint venture 'Money Network Alliance’ conducts research on the development of complementary currencies and new money... read more

Will Kingston upon Thames get its own currency?

2013-12-26 - After Bristol, Brixton, Stroud, Totnes and Lewes, the borough of Kingston upon Thames plans to trial its own currency in May 2014. The... read more

Where does money come from?

2013-12-23 - In September 2013, Jem Bendell , a professor at the Institute of Leadership and Sustainability in England, posted a tweet in which he stated... read more

Relaunch Bangla-Pesa

2013-12-19 - In June 2013 six members of Koru-Kenya were arrested because they introduced a complementary currency, called Bangla-Pesa, in the slums of... read more

Summer Foundation on the road

2013-12-09 - There is a growing interest in complementary and local currencies. Especially since the financial crisis. With complementary currencies it is... read more

Capital city of Bhutan only wants electrical cars

2013-12-05 - The small kingdom of Bhutan plans to convert the capital city’s entire vehicle fleet to electric cars. This would make Thimpu the first... read more

Who pays the bill?

2013-12-02 - Patrick Holden is the founder of the Sustainable Food Trust, an organization that advocates for sustainably produced food and fair prices. A... read more

Rent your own organic farmer

2013-11-29 - Many people buy their fruit and vegetables at the grocery store, but there are other options. In the Dutch city of Haarlem some enthusiastic... read more

New method for mapping eco-footprint

2013-11-25 - How do you determine whether a product is sustainable and environmentally-friendly? Where and how is the product manufactured, what materials... read more

New bank for common welfare

2013-11-21 - In Austria, a group of citizens, economists and entrepreneurs is engaged in the creation of a cooperative bank, which focuses on the promotion... read more

Urgenda challenges Dutch government in court

2013-11-18 - On November 20th Urgenda, an organization that advocates for a sustainable society, challenges the Dutch State in court. The organization... read more

Price war supermarkets undermines sustainability

2013-11-14 - Price wars between supermarkets, the commercial competition characterized by the repeated cutting of prices below those of competitors, are... read more

Fuel poverty is increasing

2013-11-11 - A Dutch study on the rising cost of energy shows that more and more people have difficulty in paying their energy bill. Over the last three... read more

Starbucks and fair prices?

2013-11-04 - The price of a cup of Starbucks coffee varies widely from country to country. In the USA a cup of their coffee costs 3.20 dollar, in London 4... read more

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