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FabCity: addressing the social and environmental challenges of the 21st century

2016-04-16 - On April 11th, FabCity, a so-called green, self-sustaining city, was opened by both the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Scienc and... read more

What does your climate agreement look like?

2015-05-06 - By the end of 2015 world leaders will gather again to talk about climate. This time the summit will be held in Paris. For most people climate... read more

Great documentary on why Fairtrade matters

2015-02-27 - Why does Fairtrade matter? The answer to this question is revealed in the short documentary ‘Fairtrade Matters’. The documentary portraits the... read more

International youth conference for high school graduates

2015-01-23 - From the 7th to the 12th of April 2015, 300 high school graduates from all over the world will gather in Belgium for a week of connection,... read more

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Make Money with waste

2014-11-13 - On November 15 residents of the Dutch city Apeldoorn will be rewarded for collecting street litter. Every participant receives 10 cents per... read more

New battery predicts revolution for electric cars

2014-11-10 - Scientists at the Technical University in Singapore have developed a battery that can unleash a revolution in the field of electric cars. A 70... read more

Party against food waste in Rotterdam

2014-11-06 - Food waste is a big problem. 1.3 billion ton of food is wasted globally every year. One third of this is discarded by consumers and two-thirds... read more

Lagos creates jobs by collecting street litter

2014-11-03 - Street litter is a problem all over the world but Africa sets the record. According to estimates only 10 percent of all waste on the African... read more

Slave labor in textile industry still common practice

2014-10-30 - Last year headlines where dominated by a major disaster taking place in a textile factory in Bangladesh. Suddenly the garment industry... read more

Consumers become co-owners of farms

2014-10-27 - Did you know that of every dollar you spend on fruits and vegetables in a supermarket, on average only 15 cents ends up back in a farmer’s... read more

Crowdfunding campaign for packaging-free shop Bag & Buy

2014-10-23 - Like everyone else, Dutch entrepreneur Wim van Dijk does his shopping but he hates unnecessary plastic and cardboard packaging. In an attempt... read more

Belgians can buy 'bugs burgers'

2014-10-20 - Since early October 2014 Belgian supermarkets are selling burgers, schnitzels and nuggets that are made from insects (buffalo-beetles). The... read more

World Food Day emphases the importance of family farming

2014-10-16 - More than 840 million people in the world do not have enough food and clean drinking water, and every day approximately 24 thousand people die... read more

Learn, listen, lend and loan during the national Sharing Week

2014-10-06 - Over the last year the Dutch collaborative economy has evolved rapidly. The Sharing Economy (sometimes also referred to as the peer-to-peer... read more

Library full of tools

2013-10-31 - You can buy books, but you can also borrow them from a library. In Toronto (Canada) residents decided they could do the same with tools. They... read more

Members of community currency in Kenya acquitted of all charges

2013-10-28 - In June of this year we wrote about the arrest of six members of Koru-Kenya, an organization in Kenya that introduced a complementary currency... read more

Becoming a vegetarian can stop hunger in the world

2013-10-24 - The world population is growing and in the year 2050 about 8 to 9 billion people will live on planet earth. Worldwide demand for crops is... read more

German supermarkets are selling odd-looking fruit and vegetables

2013-10-21 - In Germany, two major supermarket chains, Rewe and Edeka, are selling odd-looking fruit and vegetables. The vegetables and fruits are sold... read more

Consumers willing to pay more for environmentally friendly packaging

2013-10-17 - Almost half (47%) of the consumers are willing to pay 5% more money for milk packed in environmentally friendly packaging. This outcome is the... read more

The symbiotic city

2013-10-14 - In biology we all learn the meaning of the term symbioses. It is defined as "any relationship between individuals of different species... read more

A basic income for everybody

2013-10-09 - An increasing number of countries is introducing a basic income for their citizens. A Basic Income is an income unconditionally granted to... read more

Letter to the director of your mortgage bank

2013-10-07 - In the Netherlands, a movement called Basta drafted a letter that citizens can use to protest against the current policy of banks. According... read more

Restaurant serves expired food

2013-10-03 - Americans waste a lot of food, often due to dubious "best if used by" labels. The former president of supermarket chain Trader... read more

James Hansen predicts catastrophic climate change

2013-09-30 - The world is currently on course to exploit all its remaining fossil fuel resources, a prospect that would produce a "different,... read more

Dutch wind turbine cooperation sets world record

2013-09-27 - Within just thirteen hours, all 6,648 shares in a Dutch wind turbine were sold to 1,700 households. The transaction, facilitated by the... read more

Community takes over elderly home

2013-09-23 - Two years ago the citizens of Warffum, a small village in the Netherlands, were confronted with the closing down of a home for the elderly.... read more

Citizens demand clean energy

2013-09-19 - In the U.S. city of Boulder in Colorado the citizens' movement New Era Colorado has started a crowd funding campaign for local and clean... read more

Greek increasingly self-reliant

2013-09-16 - Is the ailing Greece the cradle of a new kind of economy? It looks like it, because on the ruins of the failed growth-economy, new... read more

Social enterprise does it better

2013-09-12 - Social enterprises in the UK perform better than regular companies, research shows. Companies that focus not only on sales or profit, but... read more

India reduces food prices for the poor

2013-09-09 - India’s lower house of Parliament passed sweeping legislation guaranteeing cheap grain for 67% of the country’s population. Under the plan,... read more

Save food campaign Asia-Pacific kicked off

2013-09-05 - The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) has started “The Save Food Asia-Pacific Campaign”. The Campaign seeks to... read more

Largest carbon capture-and-use plant built in Saudi

2013-09-02 - Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC) has hired Germany's Linde Group to build the world's largest plant for capturing and using... read more

Machines turn trash into treasure

2013-08-29 - In the Beijing Subway's "reverse vending machines" have been installed ,which will pay customers for their empty plastic... read more

Bitcoin recognized as legal tender in Germany

2013-08-26 - Bitcoin has been recognized for legal and tax purposes in Germany, making it the first country to take an official stance on the status of... read more

Plastic tree removes CO2 from the air

2013-08-22 - Trees remove CO2 from the air and convert it into useful substances like oxygen and sugars. A new plastic tree is able to do this thousands of... read more

Gravity light ready for production

2013-08-19 - The inventors of "The GravityLight", a remarkable new LED lamp that works on gravity, have raised nearly $ 400,000 through... read more

16-year-old Egyptian scientist finds way to turn plastic into Biofuel!

2013-08-15 - The Egyptian teenager Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad has found out that an inexpensive catalyst could be used to create $78 million worth of biofuel... read more

Harvesting electricity from the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide

2013-08-12 - A new method for producing electricity from carbon dioxide could be the start of a classic trash-to-treasure story for the troublesome... read more

Shell: clean up your mess!

2013-08-08 - Friends of the Earth groups from around the world are calling on Shell to clean up its mess in the oil-rich and heavily polluted Niger Delta... read more

Harvesting waste plastic to reduce poverty

2013-08-05 - Plastic is worth money. This fact inspired entrepreneur David Katz to start The Plastic Bank. The idea behind the Plastic Bank is to set up... read more

European Investment Bank reduces investments in fossil fuels

2013-08-01 - Due to pressure of the European Commission and the financial monitoring organisation Bankwatch, the European Investment Bank (EIB) revises its... read more

Peru goes solar and helps 2 two million of its poorest

2013-07-29 - Peru last month initiated a new program that will provide electricity to more than two million of its poorest residents using solar panels.... read more

New invention to clean the oceans from plastic

2013-07-25 - “Once there was a bronze age and a stone age, now we live in a plastic age. Almost everything we buy is packed in plastic.” These are the... read more

American students demand divestment from fossil fuels

2013-07-22 - In the U.S. students of many universities are demanding that universities no longer invest in fossil fuels. Many U.S. universities are funded... read more

Light from a bottle

2013-07-18 - Liter of Light: Hundreds of millions of people worldwide live in informal settlements. Many of these chockablock dwellings lack windows or... read more

Stackable solar cells

2013-07-15 - Solar cells that convert sunlight to electricity at 1 or 2 percent efficiency don’t sound very interesting in a world where standard silicon... read more

Dutch campaign for sustainable fashion

2013-07-11 - The Dutch organization for sustainability ‘Urgenda’, in cooperation with Cheel Amsterdam, has launched a new campaign in favor of sustainable... read more

Renewable energy beats nuclear reactors by 2016

2013-07-08 - According to the International Energy Agency renewable energy may supply more electricity than nuclear reactors or natural gas by 2016,... read more

Germans are serious about windgas

2013-07-04 - Germany is leading when it comes to switching to renewable energy. In 2011, a plan was made for an accelerated transition: by the end of 2022... read more

Plastic bag ban in LA

2013-07-01 - The Los Angeles City Council voted on June 18 to approve a ban on single-use plastic shopping bags. The Council voted 11 to 1 in favor of the... read more

Argentine ecovillages are blooming

2013-06-27 - Sustainable settlements that combine community living with the preservation of natural resources have mushroomed across Argentina as an... read more

The sun shines everywhere

2013-06-24 - The Dutch foundation 1miljoenwatt has developed a simple way to stimulate the use of solar energy. For 550 euros, the foundation offers a... read more

Community currency in Kenya under attack of government

2013-06-20 - Six members of Koru-Kenya, an organization that fights poverty in Kenya, are currently on trial, facing seven years in jail for helping slum... read more

Movie Euromania made possible by crowd funding

2013-06-17 - What is the power of Europe? Why is the European Commission appointed and not elected? How democratic is Europe? The Dutch filmmaker Peter... read more

European Commission puts brake on Chinese solar panels

2013-06-13 - The European Commission has with effect from 6 June introduced import tariffs on solar panels, solar cells and components imported from China.... read more

Revolutionary biological rice-growing method

2013-06-10 - A new way of growing rice in India is producing record-breaking crops, reducing the need for chemical fertilisers and saving water. Known as... read more

Social supermarket in Italy

2013-06-06 - The Portobello supermarket prices its items with points, offered to families through the Social Services of Modena to tackle unemployment and... read more

Major fraud in organic products

2013-06-03 - In Italy the public prosecutor's office in the Adriatic town of Pesaro has unraveled a major fraud in the organic farming sector. The... read more

Clean energy toilet

2013-05-30 - The California Institute of Technology has developed a solar-powered toilet that generates electricity. The inventors see the toilet as a... read more

Feeding the world population with ecologically intensive agriculture

2013-05-27 - Conventional methods of agriculture and cattle-breeding cannot feed the world population. They are not sustainable, pollute the environment,... read more

Amazon deforestation nearly doubled

2013-05-23 - Last year, 1,500 square kilometers Amazon forest was destroyed, an increase of 88 percent compared to 2011. In recent years, less and less... read more

Dutch banks and pension funds invest millions in land grabbing

2013-05-20 - Dutch banks and pension funds invest hundreds of millions in one of the largest oilseeds corporations in the world, Wilmar International.... read more

Share your stuff with a sticker

2014-10-02 - Have you ever wondered why we posses so much stuff? I posses, but hardly ever use, a drill, pump, lawn mower, cake pan, mixer, motorcycle or... read more

Shipowners throw tons of good fish overboard

2013-05-17 - On a daily basis fishermen on monster ships throw away tens of thousands of pounds of good fish. That is the reality of industrial fishing. A... read more

European citizens claim right to water

2013-05-13 - The United Nations determined in 2010 that water is a human right, but many governments have done nothing to enshrine this right in law. On... read more

New business model ensures fair price

2013-05-09 - The Fairtrade movement has been around since the sixties, but why are fairtrade products, after years of incentive programs, allowances,... read more

Fishing for plastic

2014-09-29 - The oceans contain more plastic than plankton. That is a major problem for our food chain and compels us to start using sustainable and... read more

Seed diversity under threat

2013-05-06 - New seed regulations are currently being drafted in Brussels. If the plans of the ‘Directorate General for Health and Consumers’ become a... read more

Compost revival

2013-05-02 - Through the rise in food waste composting, the traditional earthen pot craft across India is rejuvenating. Take two problems facing modern... read more

World Bank must consider human rights

2013-04-29 - Nine international organizations have urged the World Bank to develop a policy that recognizes the importance of human rights. The human... read more

UN calls for the protection of soil

2013-04-25 - Soil is as vital for our survival as the air we breathe. Soil is the source of the food we eat, but the way we treat it is not always... read more

The sharing economy is blooming!

2013-04-22 - The sharing-economy is emerging and is showing that there are many ways to make life more social, enjoyable and less expensive. Examples are... read more

Presenting a local economic blueprint

2013-04-18 - According to the New Economic Foundation every euro, dollar or pound spent at local businesses generates two to four times more economic... read more

Reusable packaging

2013-04-15 - Many people shop online. As we all know, online shopping is very convenient, but the packaging of the things you buy, often gets used only... read more

Petition for basic income as human right

2013-04-11 - The European Commission has approved a new citizens' initiative which advocates the introduction of a unconditional basic income for all... read more

New fair bank in Belgium

2013-04-08 - The impoverishment of the banking sector is a real problem in our society and it is one of the largest sources of irritation that we know of... read more

Consumers don’t need power industry anymore

2013-04-04 - David Crane, the CEO of NRG Energy, says in an interview posted on RenewEconomy that the industry is being turned on its head by the declining... read more

Mushrooms produce packaging material

2013-04-01 - Today, plastics are among the most toxic and polluting substances we use on a daily basis. Simply focusing on styrofoam alone, it is a $20+... read more

Repair cafes are booming

2013-03-28 - We live in a disposable society. Things that are broken are quickly discarded and replaced. Often this is not necessary, because they can... read more

Houses of straw

2013-03-25 - A house made of straw? In the fairy tale the wolf blows the pig’s straw house down without difficulty. In reality, straw, combined with wood... read more

Danish supermarket chain involves clients in their assortment policies

2013-03-21 - Co-operative grocery superstore SuperBrugsen is getting customers to suggest local products they would like to see on the shelves of their... read more

Move your money to a better place

2013-03-18 - In the UK a new campaign has started to convince citizens that they have the power to change the banking system. The campaign is called “move... read more

Coal’s health bill reaches €43 billion a year

2013-03-14 - The health costs of coal-fired power stations add a financial burden to the European population of up to €42.8 billion a year. The assessment... read more

California City wants solar on every new home

2013-03-11 - Rex Parris, the mayor of Lancaster, California, wants every new home in his city to host solar. And starting next January, that could be a... read more

UN calls to eliminate violence against woman

2013-03-07 - The United Nations commission focusing on women today kicked off its annual session with a call to eliminate violence against women and girls,... read more

Environmental news for carnivores

2013-03-05 - What is the environmental impact of eating meat compared to eating meat substitutes? According a study made by the Dutch Environmental... read more

Oxfam urges food producers to act responsible

2013-02-28 - In a world with 7 billion food consumers and 1.5 billion food producers, no more than 500 companies control 70% of the food choice. The ten... read more

EC proposes pesticide ban

2013-02-25 - The European Commission has proposed a ban on three widely used pesticides after a report concluded they are a serious threat to bees.... read more

Greek workers take over factory

2013-02-21 - After being without a job for almost 16 month, the workers of Vio.Me reopened their factory, which was closed down in September 2011, two... read more

Mayor of Bristol wants his salary in local currency

2013-02-18 - London - The new major of the city of Bristol George Ferguson requests that he is paid in the local currency ‘Bristol Pounds’. Mayor Ferguson,... read more

Ozon layer recovers

2013-02-15 - Satellites show that the recent ozone hole over Antarctica is the smallest to be seen in the past decade. Long-term observations also reveal... read more

U.S. farmers switch to GMO-free crops

2014-02-13 - The United States are the biggest producer of genetically modified food (GMO) but, due to consumers’ demand, more and more farmers start... read more

Peru converts waste into energy

2013-02-11 - PERU - In Callao, a newly opened rubbish plant treats waste and protects the environment. The plant will reduce carbon emissions by more than... read more


2013-02-07 - The first bicycles were made of wood. Bicycle manufacturers switched over to steel frames then and today we cycle on high-tech lightweight... read more

Vertical Forest

2013-02-04 - A couple of years ago the city of Milan started an ambitious project to combine architecture and nature. The so called Vertical Forest project... read more

Waste crops put to good use

2013-01-31 - According to a report by the Institute of Mechanical Engineering up to half of the world’s food production is going to waste. However, in the... read more

Annual income of richest 100 people enough to end global poverty four times over

2013-01-28 - According to Oxfam International an explosion in extreme wealth and income is exacerbating inequality and hindering the world’s ability to... read more

Frankenstein salmon

2013-01-23 - The American Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) has concluded that a genetically engineered salmon has “no significant impact” on the... read more

Inhibitory train delivers electricity

2013-01-22 - Barcelona - The Charge & Ride project develops an electrical system to reuse the power of train braking. The aim of the project is to use... read more

Soap bottles from ocean plastic

2013-01-17 - Method is a company that produces sustainable cleaning products and soaps that make a statement in dealing with the environment. Their newest... read more

Europe can provide its own food

2013-01-14 - Each European country has enough land to produce the necessary amount of food for all the people and animals living within its borders. This... read more

Green roofs in London

2013-01-10 - Green roofs where used in ancient cultures that go as far back as Babylon. Sometimes old ideas are reinvented and prove to be very useful.... read more

German villagers earn money with green energy

2013-01-07 - The German village Wildpoldsried, with a population of about 2,600, has created a local economy that produces 321% more energy than it needs,... read more

Internet unites farmers and consumers

2013-01-02 - The majority of the food we buy in the supermarket is not produced locally. The industrialized food system has ensured that the majority of... read more

GravityLight for the developing countries

2012-12-31 - Two London based designers have developed a revolutionary light system that works on the power of gravity. Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves,... read more

Africa’s citizens use phone to track elections

2012-12-28 - Inexpensive mobile phones and online maps are bringing new levels of transparency to elections across the African continent. Last November a... read more

Revolution in wind energy

2012-12-24 - What happens if we use sails instead of blades as a starting point for building wind turbines. This idea forms the basis for a radical... read more

Afghani Skateboarding School for Girls

2012-12-20 - In Afghanistan, the country which is so often associated with war, Taliban and violations of human rights, the Australian skater Oliver... read more

Africa's largest solar power plant to be built in Ghana

2012-12-17 - The largest solar power plant in Africa will be built in Ghana. The countries new drive to exploit the sun's energy is predicted to... read more

Antidote for Apathy

2012-12-13 - The decisions taken in politics and education have a major impact on our daily lives. But how come so few people seem to be involved in the... read more

Educational Revolution

2012-12-10 - Khan Academy has become the largest school in the world. Ten million students attend regular lessons from the Khan Academy. The school, which... read more

Reshoring or true prices?

2013-11-06 - More and more companies stop producing goods in countries like China and bring back production to their own country. This new movement is... read more

Conservation biodiversity India

2012-12-03 - The Indian state of Kerala will coach other states in biodiversity conservation. According to the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) the... read more

Fairphone wins Fontanel Public Award 2013!

2013-11-06 - The Fairphone, a sustainable and conflict-free smartphone that puts people and social values first, won the Fontanel Public Award during the... read more

Why poverty ?

2012-11-28 - During November and December national tv- and radio-stations in more than 70 countries paid attention to poverty. Worldwide broadcasting of... read more

Packaging-free supermarket

2013-12-30 - Supermarkets sell an amazing amount of products wrapped in plastic, from apples to rice and from detergent to cheese. The result is a... read more

ShoutAbout gives readers the power to act

2012-11-26 - ShoutAbout is a tool that enables news providers to empower readers by offering information on actions they can take to help out with the... read more

Culinairy misfits

2012-11-22 - From Germany, the catering service ‘Culinary Misfits’ creates dishes from vegetables that supermarkets and restaurants won’t accept due to its... read more

Vertical farm in Singapore

2012-11-19 - World’s first low-water, low-energy vertical farm opens in Singapore. Singapore’s Sky Greens vertical farm is a compact solution to low-impact... read more

Free medicines in India

2012-11-16 - Residents of India may soon have no more to pay for their medications. After a successful experiment with free medicines in the Indian state... read more

Iceland: Voters back ‘crowd-sourced constitution’ in referendum

2012-11-14 - Icelanders have voted in favor of proposals for a new constitution after a referendum on what has been dubbed the world’s first “crowd-sourced... read more

Community ownership of windmills

2012-11-09 - Britain is struggling with windmills. The government wants more of them, but the resistance is big because a lot of people see them as... read more

Growing Communities

2012-11-06 - A social enterprise supplying local food in east London has launched a program to help other communities set up their own vegetable box... read more

Renewable energy Germany to 50%

2012-10-31 - Germany expects an explosive growth of renewable energy. It is now expected that already in 2025 the share of renewable energy in Germany will... read more

Fairtrade Netherlands accelerates

2012-10-31 - The volume of Fair-trade products sold in the Netherlands grew the first half of 2012 by 47% compared to the first half of 2011. More and more... read more

American woman sues banks for exorbitant interest rates

2012-11-01 - Anne Bell Adams, a retired lady from the United States, is taking on 12 international banks over fraud with mortgage interested rates. read more

Dutch buy ever more organic food

2012-10-29 - Dutch consumers buy ever more organic food. In the first half of 2012, the Dutch spent 445 million euros on organic food, a rise of 12 percent... read more

Number of undernourished in the world declines

2012-10-25 - One in eight people in the world (or 12.5 percent of the world’s population) are chronically undernourished. That’s a third lower than twenty... read more

Britain votes on constitutional future

2012-10-22 - The British get a say on their constitutional future. The British prime minister Cameron and his Scottish colleague Salmond have reached an... read more

Dutch Fairtrade Week starts on October 25

2012-10-18 - From October 25 to November 4, the annual Fairtrade Week will be held in the Netherlands. A whole week long, the Dutch will be motivated to... read more

Bankomunales help free people from poverty

2012-10-15 - Bankomunales – mutual credit associations in developing countries – increasingly contribute to the fight for freeing the world’s most needy... read more

Self-employed happier than employees

2012-10-11 - Self-employed freelancers are happier than employees. No less than 78% of self-employed view their independent livelihoods as very positive,... read more

Half of consumers willing to pay more for fair trade

2012-10-08 - About half of Dutch consumers are willing to pay more for fair-trade products. In spite of the decrease in consumers’ purchasing power, the... read more

French Robin Hood example tax to be followed

2012-10-05 - The example set by the introduction in France of a financial transaction tax (ftt), on August 1 this year, will be followed by others. Nine... read more

Albert Heijn makes own brand label sustainable

2012-10-02 - Albert Heijn, the leading Dutch supermarket chain, is making its generic AH brand label sustainable. In future, all AH products will have to... read more

‘Social exchange’ in Singapore to be launched

2012-09-27 - In the course of 2012, a special kind of exchange will open in Singapore: Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX). This exchange is specialized... read more

More and more companies take care of employees

2012-09-24 - The number of companies that take very good care of their employees is on the increase. They realize that happy employees are more loyal,... read more

Africa’s economic boom

2012-09-20 - Africa’s economy is taking off. After decades of disastrous economic underperformance, the continent now shows the highest growth figures in... read more

Triodos Bank Profits jump by 30 per cent

2012-09-17 - Triodos Bank, the world’s most sustainable bank according to the Financial Times, has had a strong first six months. Over the first half year,... read more

Chances for German EU referendum are growing

2012-09-13 - In Germany, calls for a referendum on the recent developments in the European Union, are growing. Following several prominent German... read more

Citizens organize autonomous referendum

2012-09-10 - Because the municipal administration doesn’t want to cooperate, inhabitants of the Dutch village of Haaren are organizing their own... read more

Streekbox delivers local products at home

2012-09-06 - Whoever lives in the western part of the Netherlands, can have locally and sustainably produced food delivered right from farmers to his door,... read more

Remote workers more engaged to their work

2012-09-03 - Remote workers are more engaged and committed to their work and rate their leaders higher than team members who work in the same office as... read more

Norway questions Third World debts

2012-08-30 - Norway is the first country in the world to investigate the legitimacy of debts owed to them by developing countries. This was announced by... read more

Majority of French favour EU treaty referendum

2012-08-27 - 72 Per cent of the French population is in favor of a referendum on a new European treaty that obliges euro countries to have balanced... read more

Poverty around the world diminished

2012-08-23 - The number of people living on less than $ 1.25 a day – the World Bank’s absolute poverty line – is diminishing everywhere around the world,... read more

World-wide fair trade turnover reaches 5 billion euros

2012-08-20 - In 2011, the world-wide turnover of the fair trade sector has jumped by 12 per cent to 5 billion euros, as shown by figures from the branch... read more

Consumers: Triodos best Dutch bank

2012-08-16 - Dutch consumers rate the Triodos Bank as the best of all banks in the Netherlands, as shown from research by the independent review website... read more

True price of a hamburger 70% higher

2012-08-13 - What would the price of a hamburger be if all social costs were to be included, such as damage to the environment, consumer health problems... read more passes the 15 million member mark

2012-08-09 -, the worldwide action platform, has passed the 15 million member mark. Avaaz now has members in almost every country on earth. read more

Belgian farmers launch fair trade milk label

2012-08-06 - The Belgian cooperation Faircoop and the Belgian Dairy Farmers’ Union, MIG, have launched a fair trade milk label: Fairebel. This move should... read more

Former McDonald’s top manager starts organic restaurant chain

2012-08-02 - In the next few years, Mike Roberts, a former top manager of McDonald’s, intends to open a chain of 500 to 1,000 “Lyfe Kitchen” restaurants in... read more

Charitable organizations keep growing despite crisis

2012-07-30 - Except for a short period of stagnation in 2009, Dutch charitable organizations keep growing year after year, despite the economic crisis. In... read more

Direct online microcredits on the rise

2012-07-26 - The number of internet platforms where individuals can give microcredits to small entrepreneurs in developing countries is on the rise.... read more

Greek initiative aims to repay national debt

2012-07-23 - Peter Nomikos, a Greek entrepreneur and heir to a rich shipowner, has his own solution for the Greek sovereign debt crisis. Through his... read more

Paul Krugman: Iceland emerges best from crisis

2012-07-19 - Of all affected countries, due to its unorthodox approach, Iceland is emerging from the global financial crisis the best. So says Paul... read more

Considerable drop in incomes of Dutch CEOs

2012-07-16 - In 2011, chief executive officers of Dutch companies have again received a considerably lower financial reward. This is part of a longer... read more

Dutch volume of fair trade products rises by 20 per cent

2012-07-12 - In 2011, the volume of Fairtrade labelled products in the Netherlands rose by 20 per cent compared to 2010, to 27.5 million kilos. The retail... read more

Sustainable banks perform better than large banks

2012-07-09 - In many ways, the 15 sustainable banks united in the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) perform better than large banks. This is... read more

Top bankers in favour of a financial transaction tax

2012-07-05 - In an open letter to the American Congress, a group of 52 top people from the financial sector has lobbied for the introduction of a financial... read more

ING Bank to abolish most bonuses

2012-07-02 - In its new collective labour agreements, Dutch ING Bank – one of the larger European banks - abolishes bonuses for most of its 19,000... read more

More income equality good for economy and health

2012-06-25 - “Countries with a higher level of income equality function better,” says Danny Dorling, professor of human geography at the University of... read more

Greek initiative brings farmers and consumers together

2012-06-21 - A new initiative in Greece, (literally: “become a farmer”) makes it possible for average Greeks to become “farmer”. Through the... read more

Swiss to the polls for referendums

2012-06-18 - On Sunday, June 17th, another referendum day took place in Switzerland. On such a day, held once every three months, national, cantonal and... read more

“Dutch crowd funding to rise to 10 million euros in 2012”

2012-06-14 - Crowd funding – whereby entrepreneurs search for (start-up) capital among the public instead of banks or other financial institutions – is on... read more

Online world map shows ”new economy”

2012-06-11 - A new online map at shows an overview of innovative projects in the field of sustainable, solidarity economy. The map is an... read more

Employee ownership in the US and UK on the rise

2012-06-07 - In English speaking countries, employee ownership of companies is on the rise. Companies owned by their workers often perform better than... read more

British green economy grows by 5 per cent

2012-06-04 - Great Britain’s green economy has grown by almost 5 per cent to a total of 122 billion pounds (152 billion euros) in 2011. The green sector... read more

American fair trade premiums increase by 50 per cent

2012-06-01 - Fair Trade USA, the largest fair trade organization in the United States, paid out premiums to the tune of 22 million dollar in 2011. That’s... read more

Iceland’s Constitutional referendum will take place

2012-05-29 - The referendum on the new constitution in Iceland will definitely be held before October 20th. That was decided by the Icelandic parliament,... read more

Islanders start credit union for independence from Wall Street

2012-05-24 - Fed up with impersonal and greedy Wall Street banks, inhabitants of Vashon Island in the US state of Washington have founded their own... read more

European Court: Tenders with sustainable criteria are allowed

2012-05-21 - Local governments in the European Union are allowed to put out tenders with social or ecological criteria. They are allowed, for example, to... read more

Fair trade sales in Australia and New Zealand jump by 40 per cent

2012-05-17 - Ever more consumers in Australia and New Zealand find their way to fair trade products. In 2011, fair trade sales in these countries increased... read more

Silicon Valley technology helps power ‘sharing economy’

2012-05-14 - A new type of economy is maturing in California and elsewhere: the sharing economy. Powered by new technologies such as the internet,... read more

Burger King improves animal treatment

2012-05-10 - Burger King is the first large American fast food chain to announce a major improvement in its treatment of animals. By 2017, all pork and all... read more

81 billionaires give away half their fortunes

2012-05-07 - In April, 12 more billionaires joined the ‘Giving Pledge’ campaign, an effort by Bill Gates and super investor Warren Buffett to convince the... read more

Research: spending money on others leads to happiness

2012-05-03 - If you want to be happy, you better spend 5 euro on other people than 20 euro on yourself. That’s the outcome of a research project run by... read more

Experiment: consumers determine prices

2012-04-30 - During the last two months, the Dutch restaurant “’t Feithhuis” has conducted a remarkable experiment: after having dinner, guests decided... read more

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