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XES promotes cooperative work, fair trading, responsible consumption, ethical finance and social currency, the seeds of a new human-scale economy with democracy, sustainability and social solidarity. They try to be a viable alternative to the capitalist economy, capable of satisfying the needs of all people in a way that is harmonious with nature.


‘XES’ stands for “Solidarity Economy Network”, which is the fruit of a process that began in the 90’s between Catalan and Brazilian Cooperatives. They are like a laboratory, where new ways of working, consuming and investing are tried every day in order to show everyone that it is possible to build successful companies, while remaining democratic, fair and sustainable.


XES is currently formed by more than fifty organizations. Members of the XES are grouped into the following groups:

• Work Cooperatives

• Service Cooperatives

• Consumer Cooperatives

• Integration Businesses

• Foundations

• Associations

• Mutual Insurance Companies

• Labour societies

• Other groups


XES’s other objective is to maximize mutual cooperation amongst all the members and strengthen the ties between them, in order to create synergies that benefit their business activities and subsequently, the impact on the services they offer to their customers.


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Type of initiative Other (specify): Network that brings together around one hundred entities (foundations, cooperation’s, job placement companies, etc…)
Field of work Other (specify): Network that brings together around one hundred entities (foundations, cooperation’s, job placement companies, etc…)
Date of commencement 2003
Founder(s) A dozen entities
Legal form Nonprofit entity
Continent Europe
Country Spain
City Catalunya
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Cooperative, Social economy, fair-trade, ethical banking
Publications XES electronic newsletter (monthly)
Collection of books on Economic Solidarity edited together with “Icaria Editorial”
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Contact person(s)

Xavi Palos


Contact information

Name XES
Address C/ Casp, 43 baixos
Zip/postal code 08010
Place Barcelona
State/province Catalunya
Country Spain
Phone 0034 661508895
Website /



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