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Verein Soziale ÷konomie Basel / NetzBon


The Social Economy Network Cooperative Basel (Verein Soziale Ökonomie Basel) is a local and regional social movement to promote social and ecological sustainability. As such, it is also critical of globalization as presently practiced by the capitalist market system. Therefore, it issues the NetzBon (NetworkVoucher) as an alternative currency to promote local and regional exchange patterns, while simultaneously enhancing social and ecological sustainability.


The Social Economy Network Cooperative Basel is a democratic network in which each member organization has one vote. In turn, membership is confined to democratic organizations that adhere to the one vote per member rule. All member organizations must also subscribe to the tenets of social and ecological sustainability.


Membership organizations may be not-for-profit civil society associations or consumer and producer cooperatives. The latter must demonstrate that membership decides (by the one member one vote principle) on all questions pertaining to the hiring and firing of workers, and to the use of economic surpluses.


The local currency NetzBon is a hard currency, since it can be purchased by Swiss Francs and sold again against Swiss Francs. The NetzBon is protected against forgery by the use of certain printing techniques and by issuing it in series whose validity is limited in time. "Old series" NetzBon can be exchanged without charge for "new series" NetzBon. The first series was issued in 2005. All NetzBon issued are backed 100% by Swiss Francs to assure confidence in the alternative currency and its liquidity. They may be used by organizations, businesses and individuals. 


The NetzBon is used by the Social Economy Network Cooperative as a micro credit instrument. NetzBon loans are provided for (startup) democratic civil society organizations or coops. NetzBon loans are also given to members of the Social Economy Network Cooperative when they wish to expand or engage in certain projects.


There are currently around 27,000 NetzBon in circulation.


The new NetzBon notes printed in 2015.


Last update: November 2015


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Type of initiative Other (specify): Local Currency
Field of work Financial services
Date of commencement 1996
Founder(s) Isidor Wallimann, Hans-Georg Heimann
Legal form Association
Continent Europe
Country Switzerland
City Basel
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Local Currency, Local Economy, direct democracy, Alternative Currency, Complementary Currency
Publications Newsletter, agenda, brochures
More information

Contact person(s)

Isidor Wallimann (President) or Andreas Blaser (Secretary)


Contact information

Name Verein Soziale ÷konomie Basel
Address Klybeckstrasse 95
Zip/postal code 4057
Place Basel
Country Switzerland



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