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Value for people


Value for People exists to spread best practice in local currencies (also known as regional currencies, community currencies and complementary currencies) through writing, speaking, training and consulting.


Local currencies are increasingly seen as offering a 'middle way' between conventional national currencies (designed to be scarce) and national monetary reform (only a partial answer to the money scarcity problem). They directly connect up underused local assets with unmet needs, provide liquidity and interest-free loans to local businesses and individuals, keep wealth circulating locally, grow communities and incentivise people to protect the local environment.


Value for People is run by founder John Rogers, who has 20 years of experience in local currency development.


John is author of "Local Money - What Difference Does It Make?" published by Triarchy Press in 2013

and "People Money - the Promise of Regional Currencies", co-authored with Margrit Kennedy and Bernard Lietaer, also published by Triarchy Press in 2012. 

The main training tool used by Value for People to raise awareness about the effects of different currencies on local economies, is the People Money Game, already played by participants in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK and USA.

John Rogers also lectures on local currencies and occasionally writes for the press about local currencies.

Last update: August 2015


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Type of initiative Company, Knowledge/advice organization
Field of work Financial services, Knowledge and information, Other (specify): education for local currencies
Date of commencement 2007
Founder(s) John Rogers
Legal form Sole trader
Continent Europe
Country Germany
City Steinau
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Community, currency, complementary, regional, localisation
Publications Local Money - What Difference Does It Make? (author)
Book: People Money (co-author)
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Contact person(s)

John Rogers


Contact information

Name Value for People / John Rogers
Address Alte Steinauer Str. 6
Zip/postal code 36396
Place Steinau
State/province Niedersachsen
Country Germany
Phone +49 (0)6667 918769



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