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True Price ™


True Price™ is a non-profit organization that helps front-running companies uncover social and ecological costs. The services that True Price™ offers resonate with the movement towards a transparent, inclusive and future-proof economy. Aim is to make products with close-to-zero ecological and social costs mainstream.


Every product has hidden ecological and social costs, which are incurred in production, sales and consumption. The most important ecological costs are climate change due to emissions, biodiversity loss, land and water use, depletion of minerals and other materials, and pollution and waste. On the social side, we need to consider underpayment, indecent labor conditions, health risks on the job, insurance gaps, impact on local communities and health effects on consumers.


These costs are currently unpaid for in the shop, but society and the planet as a whole definitely pay the price. True Price™ wants to find ways to bring that price down.


True Price™ is working together with a diversity of partners to develop and test a valuation method for uncovering social and ecological costs that assist companies to calculate and show their social and ecological costs, and engage and inform citizens.


At present True Price™ is developing an open source method: a framework for the valuation of environmental and social impacts, at company- and product level. This process involves partners from business, the public sector, civil society and academia. The method is based on scientific advancements with regard to showing the impact of production and consumption along the supply chain. It can be used to perform scans of the true price of a product and to calculate social- and ecological profit and loss at company- and portfolio level. As such, consumers, companies and investors gain more insight into potential cost savings, risks regarding scarce resource dependencies and -regulations, and opportunities in sustainable company strategy.


True Price™ works closely with organizations from a range of sectors. Their current partners are AkzoNobel, CNV International, DSM, IDH, FMO, NCDO, Rabobank, the Oxfam Novib Grow Campaign, the Teeb-for-Business coalition, Triodos Foundation and Worldconnectors.


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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Trade
Date of commencement 2012
Founder(s) Adrian de Groot Ruiz / Herman Mulder / Michel Scholte / Lynn Zebeda / André Veneman / Zita Schellekens
Legal form Foundation
Continent Europe
Country Netherlands
City The Hague
One or several keywords that describe your initiative True Price, Fairtrade
Publications Research papers, newsletter, movies
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Contact person(s)

Michel Scholte


Contact information

Name True Price Foundation
Address Anna van Saksenlaan 71
Zip/postal code 2593 HW
Place The Hague
State/province South Holland
Country Nederland
Phone +31616505827



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