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Triodos Bank


The Triodos Bank, an of origin Dutch bank, was founded in 1980 and is specialized in ethical and sustainable banking. While other financial institutions generally employ a negative approach at its best (as long as there is no arms trade or child labour involved, everything is fine), Triodos Bank chooses above all a reverse positive approach: only organizations that generate a proven added value socially, culturally or ecologically, are eligible for loans.


The name ‘Triodos’ stems from the ancient Greek language (tri hodos) and means ‘three-way approach’ (people, planet, profit). Transparency is of vital importance to the Triodos Bank. Everyone can check on the bank's website what entrepreneurs are financed with the money of the bank's savers.


Triodos Bank also has branches in Great Britain, Spain, Germany and Belgium and an agency in Paris.


Triodos Bank has a special ownership structure and is not quoted on the stock exchange.


To ensure that the bank will forever be independent and cannot be bought or sold, a foundation which is part of the organizational structure only gives out share certificates. Owners of share certificates only have a limited say, and only concerning the foundation. Share certificates cannot be traded on the market, but the bank is obliged to buy back share certificates against the prevailing rate. This rate does not come into being through demand versus supply, but is calculated based on the intrinsic value of the bank.


Since its inception, the bank has been growing steadily and substantially, even during the financial crisis. In 2011, the number of customers reached 355.000, an increase of 24% compared to 2010. Credit lending to companies jumped by 33% to 2.8 billion euros.  Total assets jumped by 23% to 4.3 billion euros, profits jumped by 51% to 17.3 million euros.


In 2009, the Financial Times proclaimed Triodos  to be the world’s most sustainable bank. In 2011, Triodos Bank received the Havelaar Award from Stichting Max Havelaar for its fair trade activities.


Last update: October 2014


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Type of initiative Bank
Field of work Financial services
Date of commencement 1980
Founder(s) Adriaan Deking Dura, Dieter BrŁll, Lex Bos and Rudolf Mees
Legal form Naamloze vennootschap (public limited liability company), of which the shares are managed by a foundation.
Continent Europe
Country Netherlands
City Zeist
One or several keywords that describe your initiative alternative bank, ethical and sustainable banking, fair trade, banking
Publications - Annual and biannual reports
- Magazine: De Kleur van Geld (The Color of Money)
More information

Contact person(s)

Thomas Steiner, head of communications


Contact information

Name Triodos Bank
Address Utrechtseweg 44
Zip/postal code 3704 HD
Place Zeist
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31 30 693 6500



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