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TradeXchange, founded in The Netherlands in 2002, is a membership-based online business-to-business (B2B) barter exchange network, that assists businesses to increase cash flow, expand the client base, and promote products or services nationally and internationally. TradeXchange lets entrepreneurs trade articles and services by paying with a virtual currency, called the 'trade euro' instead of with euros.


TradeXchange is a private company for traders and by traders based on the Swiss Wir Bank System. Members are free in the choice of whom to do business with; there is no mutual trade involved. Buying and selling products (or services) works the same as buying or selling products by bank- or debit card: the amount is being transferred from one account to another via an online bookkeeping system. No coins or banknotes are involved.


If you want to buy something by using 'trade euros', look for a company in the online TradeXchange system that can provide you with the needed product (or ask TradeXchange for advice). After the purchase, you can pay the invoice by transferring the amount via the online system. In 2015, there were over 10,000 barter transactions in the Netherlands alone.


Currently TradeXchange can be found in more than 200 cities in The Netherlands, but is also active in the USA, Mexico and Belgium. International expansion continues at an impressive pace as business people take the concept abroad. Furthermore, TradeXchange collaborates with different similar systems worldwide.


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Type of initiative Company, Information/network organization, Other (specify): online B2B barter exchange network
Field of work Financial services
Date of commencement 2002
Legal form Private company
Continent Europe
Country The Netherlands
City Leeuwarden
One or several keywords that describe your initiative B2B, business-to-business, bartering, virtual currency
Publications TradeXchange magazine
More information Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn

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Contact information

Name TradeXchange
Address FranÁois Haverschmidtwei 2
Zip/postal code 8914 BC
Place Leeuwarden
State/province Friesland
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31 058 288 1608



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