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TimeBanks USA


TimeBanks USA supports approximately 400 Time Banks in the USA. Time Banking is a medium of exchange, that uses time credits instead of money. The idea is simple: everybody that is part of a Time Bank community can earn Time Credits by doing something for someone else, it doesn’t matter what. For example, an hour of gardening equals an hour of childcare equals an hour of dentistry equals an hour of home repair equals an hour of teaching someone to play chess etc. Time Banking builds on the principle of “pay it forward”, one good turn leading to another and another and another. Anyone who has earned Time Credits can spend them. Or they can pass on the Time Credits to others who may need them more.


TimeBanks USA was formed in 1995 by Dr. Edgar S. Cahn to expand the knowledge and field of Time Banking and its impact on individuals, youth, families, communities, the environment, and the world. Since then TimeBanks USA is committed to supporting Time Banks and partners to advance Time Banking by offering ongoing onsite training opportunities in locations across the country; individualized consultation; ongoing group topical webinars and teleconference calls; an annual conference; and access to numerous resources and research in the field of Time Banking.


The mission of TimeBanks USA is to nurture and expand a Time Banking movement that promotes equality and builds caring community economies through inclusive exchanges of time and talents.


Time Banking joins unused resources in a community to needs that are not being met by the financial system. Individuals, groups, organizations, government agencies, churches, businesses; they all can become members, and contribute time, energy, skills and resources. TimeBanks in the US range in size from 20 to 2,000 members and more.


Most TimeBanks use software, which members use to learn about each other, record their exchanges, track their hours, and learn about TimeBanking events. Another key component that is used by almost all TimeBanks across the USA is the monthly Potluck. At this Potlucks people get to meet and become familiar with other TimeBank members and find out who’s exchanging what. Monthly Potlucks help build the relationships that power the TimeBank. They are also useful for outreach, and so they are generally open and inviting to non-members who are interested in joining the TimeBank.


On the website of TimeBanks USA visitors can find information about how to set up a Time Bank yourself or on connecting with TimeBanks that already exists.


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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Information/network organization, Other (specify): Time Bank
Field of work Trade
Date of commencement 1995
Founder(s) Dr. Edgar S. Cahn
Legal form registered 501c3
Continent North America
Country USA
City Washington D.C
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Time Banking, sharing economy, community building
Publications e-magazine, educational material, map of time banks in USA
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Name TimeBanks USA
Address 39th St. NW
Zip/postal code 5500
Place Washington, D.C.
State/province Washington
Country USA
Phone +1 (202) 686-5200



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