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Think OutWord


Think OutWord is a peer-led learning community of young people (including the young-at-heart) who want to explore the connection between spiritual and social development. Think OutWord’s foundation is in anthroposophy, and, more specifically, what Rudolf Steiner referred to as “social threefolding” – the recognition of the human being as a dynamic synthesis of body, soul, and spirit, and the reflection of this inner nature in the larger social structures of economy, government, and culture. Think OutWord works to understand the interplay of these social forces and to develop the “social arts” that bring them into healthy relationship. From this foundation, Think OutWord seeks to collaborate with like-minded individuals, organizations, and movements.


Think OutWord is an incubator for new social ideas and related practical action – participants design and host seminars, offer presentations, lead workshops, and create new initiatives. In four years it has both organized over 20 conferences, workshops, and intensive studies (mostly in the Northeastern United States, but also in the Philippines, Belgium, Switzerland, and Sweden) and it has created a number of different study and action groups in local communities. Individuals share their research at these gatherings and through the publication of articles and blog posts.


Think OutWord also has one program – The Credere Fund. The mission of the Credere Fund is to deepen anthroposophical community by cultivating a community-wide practice of grant-giving to individuals with initiatives born of a future anthroposophy. Although Credere is a relatively small initiative (granting, on average, $5,000 a year), it has had a potent and meaningful impact around the world. In four years, Credere has supported more than 20 unique projects – from a Biodynamic farming initiative in Zimbabwe, to the creation of a course in Goethean phenomenology for botany students in Brazil, to a drop-in center in upstate New York where at-risk teenagers can learn the “fine and practical arts” (from painting and music to shoe-making, leather work, and masonry).



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Type of initiative Information/network organization
Field of work Education
Date of commencement 2008
Founder(s) Sarah Hearn, Peter Buckbee, Seth Jordan
Legal form 501c3 (fiscally-sponsored by Hawthorne Valley Association)
Continent North America
Country United States
City Philmont, NY
One or several keywords that describe your initiative education, social threefolding
Publications Email newsletter, blog
More information

Contact person(s)

Seth Jordan


Contact information

Name Think OutWord
Address PO Box 55
Zip/postal code 12565
Place Philmont
State/province New York
Country United States



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