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The Working World


“I’m in it for the money”, might be the slogan of the average investor, but this is not the case for the investment group that goes by the name of The Working World (TWW). The Working World is a community development fund that has invested more than four million dollars in loans with a 98%+ repayment rate in marginalized neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires (Argentina), León (Nicaragua) and in New York City (USA). TWW helps the poorest people in the world to start a company by providing microloans and by giving them the necessary guidance to make it a success.


TWW is investing not for the sake of making huge profits, but in order to build and support communities. TWW does this by investing in democratic worker cooperatives that serve the people and the community. The beauty of their investment strategy is that projects that fail don’t have to pay their money back, so nobody is left with the burden of becoming a lifelong slave of the monetary system.


In a democratic worker cooperative all members share the labour, decisions, responsibilities, profits, and ownership shares. The result is a democratic workplace that encourages active participation and shared wealth creation. TWW has invested money in more than 200 worker cooperatives:


TWW helps design, fund and carry out productive projects, only requiring that cooperatives pay back the loans with the revenues the investments generate. As active partners TWW ensures that finance is only used as a tool to create real, lasting wealth for those that it serves. Upon return, all investment money is reintegrated again into the locally-based revolving loan funds of TWW. In other words: money that is paid back gets reinvested again (and again) into the community and the cooperatives.


On their website TWW states: “We create jobs using a model that merges savvy investment with a socially conscious orientation. The jobs we create are rooted in justice and anchored in local communities, where workers are able to improve not just their income but also their quality of life. The businesses we build are robust and dynamic, and the women and men we help are taught business skills they will be able to use for the rest of their lives. Our results back up our talk: 21st century job creation is here to stay.”


TWW gets its money from donations and has offices in Buenos Aires (Argentina), León (Nicaragua) and in New York City (USA).




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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Other (specify): Investment fund
Field of work Agriculture, Manufacturing, Trade, Financial services
Date of commencement 2005
Founder(s) Brendan Martin
Legal form nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization
Continent South America
Country ArgentiniŽ
City Buenos Aires
One or several keywords that describe your initiative social investment fund, worker cooperatives, non-extractive finance, job creation, community development, microcredit
Publications newsletter, video, facebook, twitter
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Contact person(s)

Brendan Martin


Contact information

Name The Working World
Address Talcahuano 215, 1B
Zip/postal code 1013
Place Ciudad Autůnoma de Buenos Aires
State/province Buenos Aires
Country ArgentiniŽ
Phone +54 11 4382-1520



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