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TAOA (There Are Other Alternatives) supports and promotes the development of social and complementary currencies to participate in building a new monetary system, to serve a real and positive economy in harmony with people and nature.


Actions in France:


● Field projects, like the primary schools barter clubs project

● Support to French local social currencies projects

● Communication and awareness.


Actions in Latin America: we visit, study, and help (with marketing, communication, project management) projects in central and south America, and then promote them in Europe.


Target groupes : NGO, local authorities, local communities


Godfather: Patrick Viveret



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Type of initiative Other (specify): Non profit organization to support and promote social currencies projects
Field of work Other (specify): Social and complementary currencies (barter clubs, timebanks, local currencies …)
Date of commencement 2010
Founder(s) Matthieu Vachez and Anne-Cécile Ragot
Legal form French association, law 1901
Continent Europe
Country France
City Paris
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Social Currencies / sustainable development / social innovation / sharing economy / community based development / alliances and collaboration / project oriented / tools
Publications Newsletters, videos, website, Facebook, Twitter

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Matthieu Vachez and Anne-Cécile Ragot


Contact information

Address BAL 35 - MDA 20e - 1-3 rue Frederick Lemaitre
Zip/postal code 75020
Place Paris
Country France
Phone 06 38 11 79 61
E-mail /



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