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Sustainable Food Trust


Sustainable Food Trust (SFT) envisions a future with a fair and sustainable food system, which is able to feed the world in a way that preserves the environment for future generations. Currently over seven billion people live on this planet and 200 thousand more hungry mouths are being born every day. This places high demands on the way we deal with our food production.


According to SFT the industrial food system is depleting the soil, destroying biodiversity and the environment. At the same time we are confronted with decreasing oil supplies and water-supply shortages and there is a great need for new methods and innovations in order to find solutions for the growing need for food.

The current system promotes inequality: millions of people in developing countries are starving while people in Western Countries are developing life-threatening illnesses like obesity and diabetes. This shows that we are desperately in need for a more healthy and just food system.


According to SFT we have to:

● optimise the production of high quality safe food

● minimise the use of non-renewable raw materials

● maintain and build soil fertility

● enhance food security

● support plant and animal diversity and animal welfare

● minimise environmental pollution

● promote public health


In order to reach these goals SFT is dedicated to harnessing the collective power of organisations, people and communities. The SFT is researching and promoting sustainable food production and monitors, reports and publishes about almost anything that is connected to food production and food consumption.


The SFT also advocates the introduction of fair prices and fair wages in the food industry. In the current system certain so called hidden costs, such as environmental damage caused by unsustainable farming methods, are not calculated in the price.


The SFT is committed to the principles of “good science” and in sharing the findings of high quality research with as many people as possible. This creates a solid base for a fruitful and effective cooperation between all those who take an interest in food – from farmers and consumers, to heads of industry and policy makers. The SFT organises international gatherings and events on a regular basis.


On their website you can find many articles and videos about sustainable agriculture, citizens initiatives, and the influence of the food industry.


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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Action/campaign organization
Field of work Agriculture, Other (non-profit), Other (specify): Food
Date of commencement 2012
Legal form
Continent Europe
Country Great Britain
City Totterdown
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Sustainable agriculture, sustainable food production, true price
Publications Newsletter, videos, research publications, newsitems
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Name Sustainable Food Trust
Address 38 Richmond Street
Zip/postal code BS3 4TQ
Place Totterdown
State/province Bristol
Country Great Britain
Phone +44 ( 0 ) 117 987 1467



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