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Stockwood Community Benefit Society (CBS)


Stockwood Community Benefit Society (CBS), a community owned trust created in June 2014, was founded to protect biodynamic organic Rush Farm and Stockwood Business Park in perpetuity, or simply put, for ever by brining them into community ownership; meaning the farmland is locked into a trust and the biodynamic soil will provide for the local community forever.


Rush Farm is a 150 acre mixed farm situated in Stock Wood, Worcestershire, in the United Kingdom. Rush Farm is certified as biodynamic and organic. Stockwood Business Park offers office and workshop units to local and environmental businesses, and produces further income to support the farm.


The objects of Stockwood CBS are to farm the land biodynamically, to promote wildlife, to promote the development of farm related enterprise, rural employment and training, and to promote sustainability through better use of technology and better practice.


Stockwood CBS aims to demonstrate a new way of working on - and alongside - the land and to create a model for future rural economic and environmental regeneration through:

  • Providing places of work and employment opportunities in the local area in a harmonious setting and to the highest ecological standard, by sharing ownership locally.
  • Actively increasing and improving the social impacts generated by its tenants' businesses.
  • Using and promoting ‘natural’, ethical methods and principles of agriculture, horticulture, education and business.
  • Staging a wide range of local trade events, farm events and training courses in sustainable business practices and in a rural environment.
  • Providing free, welcoming and well-managed footpaths, bridle paths and permissive routes through the Farm, woodland and riverbanks of the Estate.
  • Disseminate the research and best practice in agricultural and horticultural land trusteeship developed by Stockwood Community Benefit Society.


The organisation is a co-operative society, with members that have invested in Stockwood CBS for different reasons. Those joining the co-op are all helping to further the above-mentioned objects of the Society.

The Society is democratically managed with Board members standing for election each year. To protect the founding purpose of the organisation there are two Custodian Trustees – external bodies that have the task of holding the Society to its founding objects. The Custodian Trustees have the right to appoint one director to the Board each.


The Founding Board consists of Sebastian Parsons and Adrian Parsons, Martin Large from the Biodynamic Land Trust, Simon Cutter (an inventive organic farmer), Gaye Donaldson (an entrepreneur and organic farmer), and Alison King (an experienced charity administrator).


This animation shows you in just a few minutes what Rush Farm and Stockwood CBS are all about: 




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Type of initiative Other (specify): Community Owned Trust
Field of work Agriculture, Trade, Knowledge and information, Other (specify):, Environment Biodynamic organic farming, community ownership
Date of commencement 2014
Founder(s) Sebastian Parsons, Adrian Parsons, Martin Large, Simon Cutter, Gaye Donaldson and Alison King
Legal form Cooperative
Continent Europe
Country United Kingdom
City Stock Wood Nr Redditch
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Biodynamic farming, organic farming, community owned trust, community ownership, wildlife preservation, rural development
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Contact information

Name Stockwood Community Benefit Society Ltd. (Stockwood CBS)
Address Rush Farm
Zip/postal code B96 6SX
Place Stock Wood Nr Redditch
State/province Worcestershire
Country United Kingdom
Phone B96 6SX
E-mail via contact form on website



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