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Stichting Sleipnir


With Stichting Sleipnir as a silent partner, entrepreneurs from seven companies work together without building up any equity for themselves. The capital of these companies is provided by Stichting Sleipnir and serves as a vehicle for the commercial capabilities of the entrepreneurs involved.


In 2011, the total turnover of the Sleipnir companies amounted to some 28 million euro, and they provided jobs to about 350 people.


Quite different companies cooperate within Sleipnir, including a wholesaler in organic food, a number of organic food shops, a candle manufacturer, an undertaker’s business, a media company, several shops with sculpting materials and a publishing company annex book store.


These entrepreneurs do not personally own ‘their’ companies. That’s why they can focus 100% on delivering high quality products or services that meet the needs of their buyers.


Together, they find out where the available capital can be most productively invested. In doing so, they  pursue a socially healthy economy.


Stichting Sleipnir strives after a renewal of existing social relations. It does so on the basis of the social impulse of anthroposophy, as initiated by Rudolf Steiner.


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Type of initiative Other (specify): Group of cooperating companies
Field of work Manufacturing, Trade, Services, other
Date of commencement 1985
Founder(s) Koos Bakker, Jan Brilleman, Frank Dekker, Steijn Wagenaar
Legal form Stichting (foundation)
Continent Europe
Country Netherlands
City Geldermalsen
One or several keywords that describe your initiative neutralization of ownership, associative entrepreneuring, associative economy
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Ben Gevonden


Contact information

Name Stichting Sleipnir
Address De Panoven 1-3
Zip/postal code 4191 GV
Place Geldermalsen
Country Netherlands



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