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Spice Innovations Limited


Spice is a social enterprise that develops timebanking systems for communities and public services that engage and empower the many rather than the few. Spice has developed agency time credit applications to engage people in the design and delivery of their public and community services and to support people to take a more active role in their communities. Whether that is with pupils in schools, tenants in housing associations or local people working with their community anchor organisations; these time agency tools increase active engagement, reduce dependency and build community and individual esteem. Credits are issued by community staff such as youth workers, teachers, housing officers.


Credits are printed notes that enable people to exchange them locally for time out activities, or to broker their own exchanges with neighbors for mutual support (e.g. gardening, dog-walking, lifts to the station).


Spice argues that public services wishing to engage citizens in a meaningful way must firstly view citizens, not only as service users, but also as people who have something of value which they can contribute. Spice advises that before developing new engagement strategies and initiatives public services should form a clear picture of the assets which exist within a community, of how they might be engaged and how well they are currently being engaged.


One of the tools developed by Spice is a citizen time audit, used to measure the existing levels of citizen engagement within a single agency or across multi-agencies in a community. The audit enables services to gain a clear picture of citizen engagement with their organisation. The tool enables services to go through a process of consultation with citizens to determine where they would like to be in a year, two years and three years' time. The audits also collect information on the diverse skills and interests that citizens have, to provide valuable guidance for the public service in targeting resources and improving engagement.

Last update: August 2015


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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Financial services, Knowledge and information
Date of commencement
Founder(s) University of Wales Institute
Legal form
Continent Europe
Country England
City Bethnal Green
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Time banking, time credits
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Becky Booth


Contact information

Name Spice Innovations Limited
Address 15 Old Ford Road
Zip/postal code E2 9PJ
Place Bethnal Green
State/province London
Country England
Phone +44 (0)777 2081257 or +44 208 980 2691



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