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Spaice is a new UK company, to be launched in the course of 2012. It sells computer, office and stationary products through its web store, in a special ethical and consumer-oriented way. In short, Spaice believes business is there to serve society.


For example, the company has committed itself to honest advice up to the point of advising customers not to buy anything if the sales person knows it is unnecessary.


Spaice monitors carefully whether the products they sell are produced durably, are compatible with other technologies, and easy to repair. The company also has developed its own method to show the full, real costs of each item they sell in human (social) and environmental terms. They don’t sell products that do not contribute to a sustainable society or significantly harm the environment.


Spaice donates 60 per cent of its profits to good causes.



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Type of initiative Company
Field of work Trade, Knowledge and information
Date of commencement 2012
Founder(s) Vipul Patel
Legal form
Continent Europe
Country United Kingdom
City Bath
One or several keywords that describe your initiative ethical business, associative economy
More information

Contact person(s)

Vipul Patel


Contact information

Name Spaice
Address The Hive, South Vaults
Zip/postal code BA11JB
Place Green Park Station, Bath
State/province Somerset
Country United Kingdom



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