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Share The World's Resources (STWR)


Less than one-quarter of the world's people, those who live in the developed countries of both West and East, consume 80 percent of the energy and metals and 85 percent of the paper used each year. Three countries, the United States, Germany and Japan, together produce more than half of the planet's economic output, while the 450 million people of sub-Saharan Africa share about the same amount as the 10 million who live in Belgium. [source FAO]


How can we find ways of sharing the environmental commons more equitably and ensure that everyone can consume a fair share of resources within the Earth’s limits?


Share The World’s Resources (STWR) is an independent civil society organisation campaigning for a fairer sharing of wealth, power and resources within and between nations. Through research and activities, they make a case for integrating the principle of ‘sharing’ as a solution to world affairs like hunger, poverty, climate change, environmental degradation, and conflict over the world’s natural resources.


STWR has published a primer that provides an overview of the ‘what, why and how’ of sharing the world’s resources. It argues that economic sharing is a universal principle that is naturally aligned with the pursuit of social and economic justice, environmental stewardship, global peace and true democracy.


STWR’s goal is to mobilise a diverse movement of global citizens who agree on the urgent need to reform the global economy so that wealth, power and resources are more equally shared, both within and between countries. Whether this will succeed depends on more inclusive governance at all levels, the democratisation of global institutions (including the United Nations), and a shift in power relations from North to South.


Join their ‘global call for sharing’ campaign! For more information about this campaign, please read the report Sharing as our common cause or visit the campaign page and sign-on statement.  


Also read our two blogs: Sharing leads to a better society and From income inequality to a fair and solidary society.


Sources: Popular Resistance and STWR

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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Action/campaign organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Agriculture, Manufacturing, Trade, Financial services, Services, other, Politics, Law, Knowledge and information, Other (non-profit), Environment
Date of commencement 2003
Founder(s) Mohammed Mesbahi
Legal form Civil Society Organization | Not-for-Profit
Continent Europe
Country United Kingdom
City London
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Solidarity, co-operation, fair economics, voice of the people of the world, Finance, economy, inequality, resources, sharing economy.
Publications Heralding Article 25; A peoples strategy for world transformation
The intersection of politics and spirituality in addressing the climate crisis: An interview with Mohammed Mesbahi.
More information Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, blogs

Contact person(s)

Mohammed Mesbahi


Contact information

Name Share The World's Resources
Address P.O. Box 52662
Zip/postal code N7 8UX
Place London
Country United Kingdom
Phone +44 (0) 20 7609 3034†



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