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Seikatsu Club


The “Seikatsu Club Consumers’ Co-operative Union” (SCCCU) is a Japanese federation of consumer co-operatives headquartered in Tokyo. The co-operative was formed in 1965 and has 344,000 members, most of whom are women.


The Seikatsu Club movement is best described as “a consumer who produces”. The movement works in close cooperation with producers and uses a “producer cost guarantee system”. This means that the prices of main consumer goods are determined only after disclosure of all information about quality of products, production methods, packaging materials, storage and distribution, delivery cost and after thorough discussion and mutual approval.


The products that are purchased collectively are called “consumer materials” because they are made at the request of the consumer opposed to “commercial goods” that are made by producers who hope to make a profit.


The members of the Seikatsu Club demonstrate an alternative life and society, being against mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal, and by developing consumer materials highly necessary for life, they are trying to solve problems of health and environment and safety. As members themselves participate in development, it becomes possible to guarantee quality control and safety over materials and the production process and to disclose the information about consumer materials.


SCCCU is divided into small groups of households who order their food collectively. These groups called ‘Hans’, often consist of no more than 8 people. There are approximately 100,000 of these small ‘Hans’.


The movement has 180,000 house-to-house delivery members and 50,000 Depots (shops) and Welfare Clubs (house to house delivery)


SCCCU offers about 1,600 products, and mostly staple foods. As the co-operative is concerned with food safety, it only buys organic food and shuns genetically modified organisms. SCCCU refuses to handle products that are detrimental to the health of their members or the health of the environment.


Over the years SCCCU has become a formidable commercial enterprise serving over 230,000 households. The SCCCU consists of 32 consumer co-operatives active in 21 administrative divisions (prefectures) of Japan. In addition, there are six associated companies, including a milk and a soap factory. The movement has also established a not-for-profit insurance company for its members.


In total SCCCU employs about 1,400 fulltime workers, co-operatives and associated companies included. Their annual turnover is US$ 1,087,000,000 and their accumulated Funds US$ 459,000,000.


In 1979 SCCCU started running candidates for political office through the Tokyo Seikatsusha Network and now has over 100 members who serve as local councilors.


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Type of initiative Other (specify): association
Field of work Agriculture, Manufacturing, Trade, Financial services, Politics, Knowledge and information
Date of commencement 1965
Founder(s) A group of women
Legal form Association
Continent Asia
Country Japan
City Tokyo
One or several keywords that describe your initiative The ďSeikatsu Club Consumersí Co-operative UnionĒ (SCCCU) is a Japanese federation of consumer co-operatives headquartered in Tokyo. The co-operative was formed in 1965 and has 344,000 members, most of whom are women.
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Takayuki Watanabe


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Name Seikatsu Club Consumers' Co-operative Union
Address Welship Higashi Shinjuku, 6-24-20 Shinjuku
Zip/postal code 160-0022
Place Shinjuku Ku
State/province Tokyo
Country Japan
Phone +81 (03)-5285-1771



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