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Schumacher Center for a New Economics


The Schumacher Center for a New Economics (SCNE) is supporting all those who wish to work towards a new economy that supports both people and the planet. SCNE wants to educate the public and show them that a fair and sustainable economy is possible. They do this by offering information about economical systems and practices that are designed to be beneficial for the community and the environment.


SCNE combines theoretical research with practical application on local, regional, national and international levels. In order to spread the message the Center organizes lectures, conferences, and seminars on themes of a new economics.


SCNE is the owner of the Schumacher Library with a broad collection of Dr. Schumacher’s books and papers and of other economists as well. The library’s general collection contains theoretical and practical knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. Topics include appropriate technology, development of renewable sources of energy, land reform, peace and nonviolent resistance, democratic governance, worker ownership, alternative agriculture and environmental sustainability. Its catalogue is available online:


SCNE is the initiator of several social economic projects including the ´Community Land Trust Model´ and other new land tenure approaches that aim on the collective ownership of land and property by the community. A Community Land Trust (CLT) is a form of ownership for the common good with a charter based on the principles of sustainable and ecologically-sound stewardship and use. The land in a CLT is held in trust by a democratically-governed non-profit corporation. Through an inheritable and renewable long-term lease, the trust removes land from the speculative market and facilitates multiple uses such as affordable housing, village improvement, commercial space, agriculture, recreation and open space preservation. Individual leaseholders own the buildings and other improvements on the land created by their labour and investment, but do not own the land itself.


Another initiative started by SCNE together with The Greenhorn (a group of young farmers) is the Agrarian Trust. The mission of the Agrarian Trust is to recruit, promote and support the new generation of young farmers and to move land into the hands and care of next-generation farmers who are building resilient regional food economies.


SCNE was also one of the initiators of BerkShares, a well-known regional currency. The Center's ‘Local Currency Program’ provides information on the history, theory and application of BerkShares and other community financing tools.


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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Agriculture, Manufacturing, Trade, Financial services, Education, Knowledge and information
Date of commencement 1980
Founder(s) Robert Swann and Susan Witt
Legal form non-profit organization 501(c)(3)
Continent North America
Country USA
City Great Barrington
One or several keywords that describe your initiative new economy, social economy, sharing, BerkShares, community land trust, ownership, local currencies
Publications Videos, lectures, newsletter, library
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Sam Willsea


Contact information

Name Schumacher Center for a New Economics
Address 140 Jug End Road
Zip/postal code 01230
Place Great Barrington
State/province Massachusetts
Country USA
Phone +1 0 (413)-528-1737



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