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STRO develops regional economic systems that create fair chances for the poor. STRO implements these local, and often interest-free, money systems as pilot projects.


STRO views the optimization of sustainable possibilities and the development of unused capacities of people in poor regions as a basis for economic development. Often, there are enough raw materials or agricultural products. And there are people who are willing to work, buy and sell.


STRO develops specialized transaction software for internal levying within regional trading systems and LETS groups.


STRO cooperates with local community organizations, small and medium-sized companies, universities, local governments and farmers’ organizations.


STRO advises local currency projects from around the world. STRO is primarily active in South and Central America, but is also active in other countries and, increasingly, in the Netherlands.


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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Action/campaign organization
Field of work Trade, Financial services, Knowledge and information
Date of commencement 1970
Founder(s) Willem en Mijntje Hoogendijk
Legal form
Continent Europe
Country Netherlands
City Utrecht
One or several keywords that describe your initiative sustainable local economy, biofuel, interest-free, consumer-and-company networks, internal levying
Publications An electronic newsletter four times a year (subscribe at, a Donorsí Newsletter three times a year.
Books in Dutch (to be ordered at
- Arm door geld, 2011
- Voor hetzelfde geld, 1999
- Lokale economie wereldwijd, 1998
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Jaap Vink


Contact information

Name Social TRade Organization STRO
Address Oude Gracht 42
Zip/postal code 3511 AR
Place Utrecht
Country Netherlands
Phone +31 30 231 4314



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