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SEKEM is a multicultural company, where people from different nationalities, different cultural and religious background meet, exchange expertise and knowledge. SEKEM highly respects its employees and aims at establishing a long-term relationship with them by treating people fairly and by satisfying their needs.


SEKEM companies produce among others food, cotton, herbs, medicine and more. SEKEM products are sold in Egypt and in several other countries.


The SEKEM vision: Sustainable development towards a future where every human being can unfold his or her individual potential; where mankind is living together in social forms reflecting human dignity; and where all economic activity is conducted in accordance with ecological and ethical principles.


The reliability of SEKEM’s production depends, next to its own cultivation (year 2011: 782 hectares), on the supply of high quality, biodynamically grown produce, cotton and herbs. Approximately 70% of all raw materials come from external sources.


In order to guarantee the suppliers’ compliance with our expectations, SEKEM implemented a supply chain management throughout the SEKEM Group. Each SEKEM company is responsible for its own suppliers. Just like SEKEM companies, all its suppliers are Demeter certified or in transition.


SEKEM’s approach combines the control of clear requirements based on international management and technical standards with building partnerships with the farmers. SEKEM has succeeded in building associations along our supply chain – fair collaborations characterized by understanding each others needs. SEKEM’s focus lies on cultivating these relationships in its direct neighborhood in order to develop the rural area.


The SEKEM Development Foundation has started the SEKEM School System. SEKEM schools educate students (boys and girls) from kindergarten through the twelfth grade on the basis of Waldorf education. The schools serve Muslim and Christian students alike, encouraging them to live in harmony and have respect for each other's religious practices. In addition to the gender and religion diversity, the student body in the entire SEKEM School System is characterized by socio-economic-cultural diversity.


Last update: October 2014.


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Type of initiative Other (specify): Economic, social and cultural community
Field of work Agriculture, Manufacturing, Trade, Education, Healthcare, Culture
Date of commencement 1977
Founder(s) Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish
Legal form The SEKEM community contains: a foundation (with a cultural objective), a co-operative (with a social objective) and a holding (with an economic objective)
Continent Africa
Country Egypte
City Cairo
One or several keywords that describe your initiative associations, associative economics, bio-dynamic agriculture
Publications The monthly journal "SEKEM insight":
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Contact person(s)

Bijan Kafi


Contact information

Name SEKEM Head Office
Address 3 Cairo-Belbes Road (P.O.Box 2834 El Horreya, Heliopolis)
Zip/postal code 11361
Place Cairo
Country Egypt
Phone (0020) 2 265 88 171



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