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Permanent Culture Now


Permanent Culture Now wants to move away from an unsustainable culture, based on endless consumption, towards a culture that is permanent in the sense that it is sustainable.


The central hub in the development of a Permanent Culture is ‘permaculture’ which can be described as a design system that intentionally creates a harmonious integration of the natural landscape and people in a sustainable way.


According to the Permanent Culture movement, knowledge and education are the key to a fair and sustainable future. People require an holistic overview of society in order to achieve a transition and this is why the organisation is providing information on a wide range of subjects. Holistic in this case means that you cannot consider food production without considering politics, economics and labour issues.


The work of the movement concentrates on activism, new models for transition, commons, cooperation and self reliance. Their website contains articles and publications on these subjects and also a summary of best practices.


The Permanent Culture movement emphasizes that it is crucial that people themselves have control over the basic resources they need to survive (water, food, energy, a roof over their heads). If this is not the case people will become reliant on others to meet their needs.


Often these ‘others’ are large corporations driven by money and profit and not by human needs and compassion for people. For this reason Permanent Culture Now strives for a society in which exploitation and control are things of the past. Any system of ideas that has the care of the earth and people and the limitation of resources at its heart, has the ability to transform societies.


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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Action/campaign organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Services, other, Knowledge and information, Environment
Date of commencement 2010
Founder(s) Michael Thomas and Steve Jones
Legal form not for profit
Continent Europe
Country England
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Permaculture, equality
Publications Books, articles, newsletter, films
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Steve Jones


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Phone 0044 (0)1204 393642



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