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Oikopolis SA


Based in Luxembourg, Oikopolis is an integrated platform involved in producing, wholesaling and retailing organic food, with a short supply chain between the producers and the consumers.


The group was established in 1988 as an agricultural association of farmers who wanted to develop organic food supply in Luxembourg, 25 years later Oikopolis SA has developed into a leading brand in organic agriculture and the trade with organic products on its domestic market. In 1989 they joined forces with other organic and biodynamic farmers in Luxembourg to establish Biog, an association for processing and marketing the organic products of the farmers. In the same year the first Naturata retail store for organic products was inaugurated, followed in 1992 by the establishment of Biogros, a wholesaler for organic products.


Today, the group is organized under the roof of the holding company Oikopolis Participations SA. The Oikopolis group is a business network that apart from the farmer association Biog, the Naturata chain of organic retail stores, the wholesaler Biogros, also encompasses OEKimmO SA, a real estate company established in 1997. OEKimmO built and owns the OIKOPOLIS centre in Munsbach, the headquarters of the group.


One of the holding’s main aims is to secure the financial means for essential investments these smaller structures wouldn’t be able to undertake on their own. On the other hand, there’s a special sense of cooperation that characterizes Oikopolis‘ working together with its partners, organic or non-organic, along the entire value chain. Thus, conventional supermarket-managers meet organic farmers, and consumer representatives exchange their views with food processors and distributors – not to mention Oikopolis‘ organic wholesalers and retailers. Effects are obvious: discussing product volumes and prizing in these round-table talks is an open process that allows for mutual comprehension of each party’s special requirements. As a result of such joint efforts, price pressure on the farmers has been considerably reduced. Also read the Summer Foundation's Ideas on Associations or Round Table discussions.


After significant growth, the Oikopolis Group currently employs almost 250 people. Over the past few years they realized annual growth rates in the double-digit range while similar growth rates in the future are to be expected.


Today, the wholesaler Biogros SA is well established in Luxembourg, serving cash & carry markets, furthermore Oikopolis has ten Naturata supermarkets across Luxembourg with catering facilities, three of which are farm shops.

The cooperative Biog has a wide range of organic and biodynamic food products, but the assortment also includes prepared and processed food products both regional and imported.


The company has introduced several green practices including energy-saving measures such as building energy efficient buildings, offices and stores and the use of  energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning.


Oikopolis has been financed by the BCEE and etika.

More information can be found on the German website or or here in French. 


Sources: Organic Market  International Trade News.




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Type of initiative Company
Field of work Agriculture, Manufacturing, Trade
Date of commencement 1988
Founder(s) ńnder Schanck
Legal form
Continent Europe
Country Luxembourg
City Munsbach
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Organic food, biodynamic farming, farming,
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Contact person(s)

ńnder Schanck


Contact information

Name Oikopolis SA
Address 13, rue Gabriel Lippmann
Zip/postal code L-5365
Place Munsbach
Country Luxembourg
Phone +352 26 15 19 - 10
E-mail via contact form on website



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