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Noabershop Assen


The Noabershop (meaning “the neighbourshop” in one of the many Dutch dialects) is a private initiative and non-profit foundation, founded by Anita Marskamp in 2013 due to a shortage of shops selling local, sustainable products in the neighbourhood and a lack of a community centre. The Noabershop is, however, more than a shop, it is an indoor market where altruism, ideological thinking and trading, and (start-up) entrepreneurship all come together.


The Noabershop is run by a team of volunteers, some of whom receive unemployment benefits, and sells local and/or organic products like meat, juice, fruit, vegetables and diary.


But you can also visit the store to exchange food; hand in something edible you have at home and don’t eat and exchange it in the store for something you do like. Get your books in the “exchange corner” or look for secondhand goods and clothes in the “exchange attic”. For all these purchases applies: “trade without money”, i.e. everyone is free to bring goods and take things without having to pay for it. The two ideas behind the Noabershop are: sharing and “for one another”.


Everyone is welcome to support this initiative, either as (starting) entrepreneur or as volunteer. A co-operation between the Noabershop and Beeworkz has made it possible for (young) adults with a distance to the labour market to follow a special labour programme to get them back on the labour market.


The Noabershop does not receive any subsidies, but can exist due to the fees they receive from renting out space to (starting) entrepreneurs.


(Starting) entrepreneurs can rent space in the Noabershop to sell or offer their own local, sustainable and/or organic products or services. Prices vary from € 2.50 for a day to € 100 for a month for 10M2. Organizations can also rent space for a low amount to give workshops or lectures. The Noabershop is also not afraid to host a critical debate on today’s society.


Meet the different entrepreneurs, like a cook, photographer, wood worker, masseuse and a pedicure, who are already renting a space in the Noabershop. Drink a cup of coffee or organic tea at Onique’s or get treated by one of the six ladies running the “HealthSquare”. In the near future clay classes will be offered by one of the exhibiting artists, possibly completed with drawing and painting lessons or lessons in history of art.


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Type of initiative Company, Knowledge/advice organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Trade, Knowledge and information, Healthcare, Other (non-profit)
Date of commencement 2013
Founder(s) Anita Marskamp
Legal form Non-profit
Continent Europe
Country Nederland
City Assen
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Shop, local products, altruÔsm, ideological, entrepreneurship, organic food, health, farmers market
Publications Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter
More information

Contact person(s)

Anita Marskamp


Contact information

Name Noabershop Assen
Address Rolderstraat 9
Zip/postal code 9401 AM
Place Assen
State/province Drenthe
Country Netherlands
Phone none



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