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Natural Capital Coalition


The 2014 Living Planet Report of the World Wide Fund for Nature states that for humanity to maintain its current production and consumption levels, we will need 1.5 planet earths. If everyone lived like an average Western European, nearly 4 planets would be needed, and for an average American lifestyle nearly 7 planets. Currently the price of a product is not the true price, as externalities like damages from climate change, pollution, land conversion and depletion of natural resources, are not included in the price As a result, there is a growing case for understanding the dependencies on natural capital, the risks and opportunities associated with this relationship and their real value. It is about time that businesses (and governments) are obliged to pay for the full toll their operations take on the world and that the value of Natural Capital is accounted for. To make this a reality, we will need the tools to calculate their worth, both in monetary and non-monetary terms.


What is Natural Capital? Natural Capital is the stock of natural ecosystems on earth, like air, land, soil, biodiversity and geological resources. This stock underpins our economy and society by producing value for people, both directly and indirectly. As a global economy, we are not keeping within the safe operating space for humanity. ‘Natural Capital’ is being ‘drawn down’ at a rate of 50 percent more per year than the earth can replenish, and the rate of depletion is accelerating. 


Established in November 2012, the Natural Capital Coalition is a global, multi- stakeholder platform to build the business case and support the uptake of natural capital measurement, management, reporting and disclosure in business and investor decision making. The Coalition provides a not- for-profit, pre-competitive platform for collaboration across business, accounting & reporting, policy, NGO and practitioner (e.g. consultancy, academia) communities.

Founder members include UNEP (TEEB), IFC, World Bank, WWF, Conservation International, FMO Development Bank, Accounting for Sustainability (A4S) project. Membership is open to business and wider stakeholders.


The goal of the Natural Capital Coalition (NCC) (formerly the TEEB for Business Coalition),

is to achieve a shift in corporate behaviour, so we reach a world where business conserves and enhances, rather than depletes natural capital. The Natural Capital Protocol (NCP) aims to work towards this vision by providing a standardized framework for businesses to measure and value their direct and indirect impacts and dependencies (positive and negative) on natural capital. The NCP will be an important step towards future generally-accepted principles for natural capital valuation and accounting, which will allow companies to value and account for natural capital as systematically as they do for financial capital.


The NCC seeks to provide organizations with the tools and guidance to successfully incorporate natural capital into strategy and decision-making processes. Key activities include:

  • bring together the many approaches to natural capital under one vision, sharing and promoting best practice;
  • build the business case for integrating natural capital into decision making;
  • develop, test and encourage the use of a standardized Natural Capital Protocol and sector guides*;
  • support a shift in corporate behaviour to enhance rather than deplete natural capital;
  • support the evolution of an enabling policy environment and access to reliable data.


*The Protocol and Sector Guides aim to provide a standardized framework for business to measure and value their direct and indirect impacts and dependencies on natural capital. This Protocol will be applicable globally and across multiple business contexts. An overview document was released in March 2015, followed by the draft Natural Capital Principles and Framework. Further Draft versions will be tested and validated by NCC's business engagement partners and Coalition Members.


Sources: Natural Capital Coalition, Accounting for Sustainability Project


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Date of commencement November 2012
Founder(s) Launched by Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Environment and Water Resources, Singapore
Legal form Not-for-profit
Continent Europe
Country United Kingdom
City London
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Name Natural Capital Coalition
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