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Mehr Demokratie


Mehr Demokratie (More Democracy) is an association campaigning for the introduction of direct democracy (binding popular referendums and initiatives) on all political levels: municipal, state, federal and European.


In the course of two decades, Mehr Demokratie has run a large number of successful campaigns in Germany. The real successes began after the breakthrough in Bavaria in 1995, where popular initiative and referendum rights were considerably expanded. Meanwhile, almost 2,500 communal initiatives have been started and about 1,100 communal referendums have been held in Bavaria alone. At the state level in Bavaria, 43 initiatives have been started and six referendums were held.


Meanwhile, thanks to Mehr Demokratie, all states and communes in Germany have introduced initiative and referendum. Therefore, the association is focusing more and more on the national level, where still no referendum rights exist even though the federal constitution states that the German people can exercise their democratic rights through elections and referendums.


Mehr Demokratie finances itself largely through membership fees and donations from individual members and supporters.


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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Action/campaign organization
Field of work Politics, Knowledge and information
Date of commencement 1988
Founder(s) A group of people including Gerald Häfner, Daniel Schily, Thomas Mayer, Angela von Bandemer, Lukas Beckmann, Andreas Möbius
Legal form Verein (association)
Continent Europe
Country Germany
City Berlin
One or several keywords that describe your initiative direct democracy, referendum, citizen participation, politics
Publications - md magazin (quarterly magazine)
- md info (email newsletter)
- Jahresberichte (annual reports)
- Volksbegehrensberichte and -rankings, Bürgerbegehrensberichte (statistics)
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Roman Huber


Contact information

Name Mehr Demokratie
Address Greifswalder Strasse 4
Zip/postal code 10405
Place Berlin
Country Germany
Phone +49 30 420 82370



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