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Loomio - Collaborative decision-making platform


Loomio, a New Zealand technology co-operative, inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, has developed a social media tool to help organizations make democratic group decisions.


Loomio wants to create a world where it will be easy for everyone to participate in decisions that concern them. Loomio is a user-friendly online collaborative decision-making platform: not based on majority-rules polling, but actually coming up with solutions that work for everyone. The Loomio tool can be used for decisions that concern a neighborhood, an organization, an enterprise, or a social movement both on local and on national level.


The cloud-based open-source software lets users initiate discussions and put up “proposals”. Proposals can then, within the solution timeframe, be discussed, modified, voted on and, if allowed by the organization, vetoed. As discussions progress the group receives feedback on a proposal through an updatable chart on a forum. Discussions can be public or private. Anyone can propose a solution. The Loomio prototype software is available now and has been released in twenty languages so far. Currently Loomio is being used by 6,320 groups around the world. Loomio has set its sights on getting its software used by 50 million people within five years.


Companies, local government organizations and large community groups pay a subscription of a few dollars per user per month. "Informal" organizations are invited to pay what they can to use Loomio.


Up until April 2014 Loomio successfully raised funds via crowdfunding to add features and stability to its prototype. The new Loomio 1.0 that will be released later this year, will be mobile, so it works on all mobile devices, is accessible for people of all abilities, safe and as easy to use as e-mail. In the new 1.0 version it will not be necessary for people to have an account with Loomio to give their opinion.


Loomio was named a winner in the MIX prize Digital Freedom Challenge for Management Innovation.


Loomio is a worker-owned cooperative, and owned equally by all its worker-members. There are twelve members.


Watch the video to see how Loomio works. 




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Type of initiative Other (specify): Information / Network organization
Field of work Politics, Education, Knowledge and information, Healthcare
Date of commencement 2012
Founder(s) The initial founders were Alanna Krause, Richard Bartlett, Ben Knight, and Jon Lemmon, joined soon after by Aaron Thornton and Vivien Maidaborn
Legal form Worker-owned cooperative
Continent Australia
Country New Zealand
City Wellington
One or several keywords that describe your initiative democracy, equality, information, technology, software
Publications videos, blogs
More information

Contact person(s)

Alanna Krause


Contact information

Name Loomio
Address Enspiral Space Level 2, 18-24 Allen Street
Zip/postal code 6011
Place Wellington CBD
Country New Zealand
Phone +44 ( 0 ) 191 233 9100



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