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Le Léman


The Léman, Geneva’s local currency, was born in 2015 in Lake Geneva´s region. It is a cross-border currency, based on a living environment rather than on administrative boundaries; with a main aim of promoting local and sustainable products.


The Léman, available in denominations of 1, 5, 10 and 20 Lémans, wants to direct consumption towards healthier local products, made with respect for both people and planet. Therefore businesses that sign up with the Léman have to sign an ethical charter, that they:

  • give priority to local products and businesses;
  • are committed to the promotion of decent working conditions and fulfilling work;
  • are committed to the development of the real economy at the expense of the speculative economy;
  • practice social and ecological responsible enterprise;
  • farm organically, or buy from local organic farms;
  • work towards continuous improvement of sustainability;
  • do not harm the environment, or as little as possible;


Read the full charter (in French) here. The Léman thus also functions as a label.


Mutual Credit LemanThe complementary currency is set up as a mutual credit system. Meaning in the beginning there is no money at all. It only comes into circulation when one of the participants uses his credit to pay another participant. This means there is always exactly as much money in circulation as there is outstanding credit. 


One Léman is equal to one Euro. The exchange rate between Lémans and Francs therefore depends on the strength of the Franc against the Euro.

Both Francs and Euros can be exchanged for Lémans in Geneva.


Currently 80,000 Lémans are circulating around 300 businesses and companies.  and are used by over 1,000 members in the Geneva area and in neighbouring France. The Léman will soon also be launched in Lausanne.


The organization is also planning to develop electronic Lémans and a smartphone app.


Sources: Eva Geneva, The Local, Le News, Ripess


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Type of initiative Company, Other (specify): Association in complementary currency, local money, regional money
Field of work Agriculture, Manufacturing, Trade, Financial services, Other (specify): Complementary Currency
Date of commencement 2015
Founder(s) Jean Rossiaud
Legal form Association
Continent Europe
Country Switzerland
City Geneva
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Complementary Currency, local money, regional money, alternative money, community currency, local economy
Publications Newsletter e-LémanTerre
More information Facebook

Contact person(s)

Jean Rossiaud


Contact information

Name Monnaie Léman
Address Rue des Savoises 15
Zip/postal code 1205
Place Genève
Country Switzerland
Phone 41 78 812 94 81



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