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Lazuur Food Community


Lazuur Food Community’s philosophy is: provide good food, in a way that is good for everyone, with respect for the earth. Lazuur wants to realize this by setting up local food communities around Lazuur markets. At Lazuur Markets, customers can get all their daily groceries, much like a weekly market.


Lazuur markets are based on a unique collaboration model, promoting local, sustainable and fair production, trade and consumption, as well as reinforcing mutual relationships between consumers, shop keepers and producers.


In this manner, through community funding and round table talks, consumers and producers are actively involved in (the policies of) their own Lazuur market. Producers often deliver directly to Lazuur, so that regional products are promoted and a circular food chain comes into existence. The shop keepers of Lazuur are the market supervisors who bring together supply and demand, ensuring that visiting the market is a special experience each day. The Lazuur foundation  supports Lazuur markets conceptually and provides guidance for local food communities and initiators of new Lazuur markets. Profits, if any, will be invested by the foundation in further development.


Within the agreed common framework, Lazuur markets can develop in freedom and meet specific local circumstances (multiple-scale instead of large-scale development). The co-operative and the ‘commanditaire vennootschap’ (limited partnership firm) are therefore the pre-eminent legal forms through which entrepreneurial people can work with the Lazuur concept (local entrepreneurship instead of the chain store concept).


Local Lazuur markets can be set up wherever there are enough interested consumers, producers and shop keepers .The first Lazuur market will be opened at the end of 2012 in Wageningen and will be a continuation of the Buys & Ko organic shop, which started in 1974 as the Pee Pastinakel consumers’ circle. In Wageningen, many steps have been made in the direction of Lazuur; there are dozens of producers who deliver directly to the shop and there are almost 400 customers who’ve joined in with a financial contribution.


With this initiative, Lazuur Food Community  wants to show there’s another way. Step by step, but irrevocably. And it’s looking to cooperate with people and organizations who are motivated to work together.


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Type of initiative Company, Knowledge/advice organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Agriculture, Manufacturing, Trade, Knowledge and information
Date of commencement 2011
Founder(s) Inno Kock, Luuk Rövekamp
Legal form Stichting (foundation)
Continent Europe
Country Netherlands
City Wageningen
One or several keywords that describe your initiative food community, circular food chain, associative economics, round table talks, local economy, organic, biodynamic, fair trade
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Contact person(s)

Inno Kock, Luuk Rövekamp


Contact information

Name Lazuur Food Community
Address Bevrijdingsstraat 28A
Zip/postal code 6703 AA
Place Wageningen
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31 6 1093 5619



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