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Itís Our Economy


“It’s Our Economy” is dedicated to changing the dynamic of the current economy designed for the wealthiest, to an economy built on principles of equality, cooperation and sustainability.


“It´s Our Economy” strives for an economy that puts people and the planet before profits, and they want citizens to gain more control over their own economic lives. People should be involved more directly in economic decision-making in both their own communities and the economy of their nation. This can be achieved by building an economic democracy.


Economic democracy is premised on the idea that people should not cede power to mega-corporations, big financial institutions, or a “professional” political class. According to “It’s Our Economy” all people together have the shared knowledge to help build an economy that works to strengthen communities and build wealth for all, not just for a few. Democratized economy empowers people to gain control over their economic lives and encourages cooperative solutions that create wealth for everybody.


“It´s Our Economy” states that economic policy should not be shrouded in secrecy and should not exclude public participation. Building economic democracy means developing institutions that are transparent and accountable, that empower local communities to determine what policies are in their own best interest, workers managing the enterprises where they work, and public participation in developing economic policy. Economic democracy also emphasizes the commonwealth. The commons includes not only roads, land, water and resources but also the knowledge and technology developed, often with public money. 


Economic democracy stands in contrast with neoliberal economics since Neoliberalism privatizes public goods and seeks to commodify everything possible to create profit-centers while cutting public services in the name of austerity. In contrast a democratized economy is one that serves the people; recognizes the importance of public goods and services; seeks to enrich the many, not the few; and builds an equitable distribution of wealth and resources.


“It’s Our Economy” strives for a 180 degree turn by stimulating people to become active participants in democracy. Ideas for a “new economy” and how to build a “solidarity economy” are cropping up everywhere around the world and “It’s Our Economy” wants to collect and facilitate all these new initiatives. They see it as their mission to educate, organize and mobilize people to create systems based on social good that are viable, sustainable and beneficial to communities and to bring many organizations, collectives, community growers and individuals working towards these sustainable local economies together.


“It’s Our Economy” organizes events such as Economic Democracy Conferences where people from all levels of society come together to share ideas and develop strategies. It’s Our Economy provides tools and resources, shares the latest news on the problems facing our current system and highlights fresh insights on how to address them.


On the website you can find information about events, conferences, news items and projects. You can also subscribe to their newsletter, read their Power Point presentations or follow them on twitter and facebook.


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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Action/campaign organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Politics, Other (non-profit), Other (specify): Economy
Date of commencement 2011
Founder(s) Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers, Tarak Kauff, Ellen Davidson, Christopher White
Legal form Not For Profit organisation
Continent North America
Country USA
City Tucson
One or several keywords that describe your initiative economic democracy, equality, new economy
Publications Events Calendar, news items, newsletter, Power Point presentation
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Kevin Zeese


Contact information

Name Itís Our Economy (Alliance for Global Justice)
Address 225 East 26th St.
Zip/postal code AZ 85713
Place Tucson
State/province Arizona
Country USA
Phone +1 202-688-2444



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