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Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX)


Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX) is a Singapore-based organization with a mission to provide Social Enterprises in Asia with greater access to capital, allowing them to more rapidly expand the impact of their activities. IIX aims to effectively match impact investment capital with social sector development – promoting inclusive growth, economic development, and environmental sustainability.


IIX offers three platforms designed for SEs at different stages of their businesses: Impact Accelerator, Impact Partners, and Impact Exchange. These platforms facilitate impact investments, i.e. investments aimed at generating positive social and environmental outcomes in addition to financial returns.


Impact Accelerator is an intensive acceleration program that provides tailored mentorship and ongoing investment support services to early-stage Philippines-based Social Enterprises (SEs) over a period of 6 months. Impact Partners is Asia’s first online private placement platform dedicated to connecting accredited impact investors to selected growth-stage SEs who are looking to raise investment capital. Impact Exchange, the world’s first social stock exchange operated by the Stock Exchange of Mauritius in collaboration with IIX, is a regulated stock exchange dedicated to listing and trading securities issued by mature SEs and other socially-driven organizations. In addition to theses platforms, IIX also develops the ecosystem to facilitate the growth of the Impact Investment sector through offering technical assistance directly to SEs, advisory services, financial product structuring and post-transaction monitoring.


Until October 2014, IIX has facilitated US$8.6 million of investment impacting 8.1 million people across Asia with almost US$16 million in social value created. IIX offers investment opportunities in high-impact sectors including sustainable agriculture, clean technology/renewable energy, fair trade, water, housing and education.


IIX was founded in 2009 by Prof. Durreen Shahnaz, a social entrepreneur, professor, former media executive and investment banker. Its mission is supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, Asian Development Bank, and Economic Development Board of Singapore.

IIX is also the sister company of Shujog, a non-profit organization focusing on skill development, impact assessments, research and advocacy work in the SE and impact investing sectors.


Last update: October 2014


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Type of initiative Other (specify): Social enterprise
Field of work Financial services
Date of commencement 2009
Founder(s) Prof. Durreen Shahnaz
Legal form Private Limited Company
Continent Asia
Country Singapore
City Singapore
One or several keywords that describe your initiative impact investment, social investment, social enterprise, social stock exchange, social venture fund, social finance, social business, triple bottom line
Publications Impact Quarterly (newsletter)
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Srina Patel


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Name Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX)
Address 1 King George's Avenue, #05-00
Zip/postal code 049318
Place Singapore
Country Singapore
Phone +65 6221 7051
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