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My City. My Economy.


The implementation of many complementary currencies* was an innovative response to the recession. With rising unemployment levels, environmental degradation, community fragmentation and social exclusion, communities began to look for alternative ways to pay for their necessities.


The Freitaler is a local currency that was launched in 2008 for Freiburg and surroundings as an answer to the economic crisis. The Freitaler was designed to enhance local development and empower local businesses with the aim of strengthening the local economy. The local nature of the Freitaler as a means of payment for everyday goods and services, guarantees that the currency (and thus the money) remains in the community of origin.


Freitalers can be bought with Euros against an exchange rate of 1:1 from four different distribution points in Freiburg. Freitalers can also be exchanged back into Euros, against a 2% to 10% ‘regional contribution’ charge. This regional contribution is donated to community projects in Freiburg. When buying Freitalers, you can indicate beforehand to which projects your regional contribution will go towards, when exchanging back into Euros. This contribution encourages holders to search for local goods to spend their Freitaler on, instead of changing the local money back into Euros.


One year after the launch of the Freitaler, it had already been exchanged over 5,000 times. Since its restart in March 2012 the Freitaler has been exchanged more than 100,000 times.


Over 70 businesses in Freiburg accept the Freitaler as a means of payment. The regional currency is deeply rooted into the community.


Over 300 users daily use the Freitaler to buy goods and services in the local community.


The Freitaler has boosted over 20 projects in the field of economy, culture, education and social projects via regular donations.


As of March 2016, the Freitaler can also be used in Rieselfeld.


* Different terms are used to refer to the term ‘complementary currencies’, such as ‘alternative’, ‘local’ and ‘community’ currencies.


Sources: Freitaler


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Type of initiative Other (specify): Association in complementary currency, local money, regional money
Field of work Financial services
Date of commencement 2008
Legal form Association
Continent Europe
Country Germany
City Freiburg
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Complementary currency, local money, regional money, alternative money, community currency, local economy
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Contact person(s)

Henriette Weser


Contact information

Name Freitaler
Address Belfortstr. 52
Zip/postal code 79098
Place Freiburg
Country Germany
Phone +49 176 78 34 2807



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