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Food MythBusters


Food MythBusters is a web based organization that highlights “the real story about what we eat”. Their aim is to fight and challenge big marketing campaigns that promote junk food and mislead and misinform the public. Food MythBusters fights against unsustainable practices of industrial agriculture that uses pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, genetically engineered crops and seeds. In short, Food MythBusters feels obliged to tell the truth about food and how it is produced.


Food MythBusters uses animated videos, short live-action docs, grassroots events and an online resource centre to tell the real story about our food, debunking persistent myths about sustainable food and farming and revealing the misleading stories spread by industrial agriculture.


One of the biggest myths Food MythBusters shatters is the one that tells us that we need industrial agriculture to feed the world. Food MythBusters unravels the true story and shows the devastating impact that industrial agriculture has on our planet, environment health and wellbeing:


Food MythBusters also reveals the misleading marketing practices that are used by (multinational) food companies in order to make us eat unhealthy products, as shown in this video: On the website of Food MythBusters you can watch many other videos exposing food myths on the ground.


Food MythBusters hopes to inspire, educate, and grow the movement for sustainable food and farming across the United States and abroad. Their goal is to make people question their food: where does it come from, who grew it, who picked it, did the workers receive fair wages and did the farmer receive a fair price; and how much is my food processed before you take a bite?


Asking the right questions should eventually have people make the right choices and buy food that is good, healthy and sustainably produced. To help consumers, Food MythBusters offers a few tips:

  • check if the food producer or food company supports fair farm worker wages,
  • check if the food is free of genetically-engineered ingredients,
  • did the food have little to no processing,
  • has the food been produced locally and does it support local markets/vendors,
  • did the food company honour fair trade principles,
  • · if you choose to eat meat and dairy, did it come from animals that are raised humanely and on real food themselves—instead of being fed with genetically engineered crops or other questionable feed, drugs, and antibiotics.


All the information made available by Food MythBusters is grounded in research, peer-reviewed studies and on-the-ground evidence. On their website you can find reports, books, documentaries and many other scientific resources that tell the real story about food. Schools and communities are free to use this material for educational purposes. See more at:


Food MythBusters is related to and works together with the Small Planet Institute:


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Type of initiative Action/campaign organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Agriculture, Manufacturing, Trade, Knowledge and information
Date of commencement 2012
Founder(s) Anna Lappé
Legal form
Continent North America
Country USA
City Cambridge
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Food myths, real food, healthy food, sustainable agriculture
Publications Videos, reports, books, documentaries, newsletter
More information

Contact person(s)

Anna Lappé


Contact information

Name The Small Planet Institute / Food MythBusters
Address 25 Mt. Auburn St., Suite 203
Zip/postal code MA 02138
Place Cambridge
State/province Massachusetts
Country USA
Phone +1 (617) 871-6609



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