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Food & Water Watch


All humans need food and water, but free access to these life sources is not always guaranteed. Food & Water Watch (FWW) works to ensure that food, drinking water and fish are safe, accessible and sustainably produced. FWW monitors companies and governments, informs and educates the public and organizes campaigns for a fair and sustainable use and distribution of food, water and other common goods.


Food & Water Watch, founded in 2005 in the USA, has grown into an organization with 60 staff members, located in 17 offices across the United States. FWW works with a range of constituencies to inform and hold policymakers accountable. FWW also has an international staff in Latin America and in Europe (Food & Water Europe).


FWW functions as an independent non-profit organization and is funded by members, individual donors and foundation grants. Over the years FWW has won quite a few battles. They have influenced Starbucks to discontinue using milk from cows treated with artificial growth hormones; they have helped dozens of communities across the country in their battle against corporate takeover of publicly owned water systems and they have successfully battled the misuse of antibiotics on factory farms.


FWW's work is wide ranging. They want factory farms to stop feeding antibiotics to animals that aren’t sick; they plea for a ban on bottled water (plastic bottles are a threat to the environment); they fight against water privatization and fracking; they plea for honest labelling of products (the public has the right to know where food is produced and what chemicals or pesticides have been used); FWW fights against animal suffering; they organize campaigns against genetically modified and irradiated food and they plea for research and regulations concerning nanotechnologies.


FWW invites people to join the movement and take action to protect water, food and the environment. On their website you can find information on their campaigns, research, lawsuits and successes.


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Type of initiative Action/campaign organization
Field of work Agriculture, Manufacturing, Politics, Law, Education, Knowledge and information
Date of commencement 2005
Legal form Foundation (non profit)
Continent North America
Country USA
City Washington
One or several keywords that describe your initiative protection of food, water and environment, animal rights, health
Publications research reports, news reports, movies, videos, newsletters
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Lane Brooks


Contact information

Name Food & Water Watch
Address 1616 P Street NW, Suite 300
Zip/postal code DC 20036
Place Washington
State/province Washington DC
Country USA
Phone +1 202-683-2500



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