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European Water Movement


The European Water Movement (EWM) is a network that works to reinforce the recognition of water as a commons and access to water and sanitation as a fundamental universal right. EWM is fighting against privatization and commodification of water and advocates for public and communal management of water. Management that is founded on democratic participation of citizens and of workers. Their slogan: water should be a commons, not a commodity.


EMW helps people and communities in their fight against privatization of water and gives advice and support on building public water management systems. EWM works on three levels:

  • They help organize initiatives and actions such as national referendums, local petitions and the European Citizens' Initiatives.
  • They are lobbying for EU legislations in order to protect the human right for water and they monitor European policies and connect national level work with EU level work.
  • They work to extend and build a strong water movement in Europe by connecting national and international networks and by campaigning.


According to EWM public management of water and other commons is a necessary step towards a new and cooperative Europe that works for its citizens and protects the prosperity and wellbeing of all.


In order to reach this goal, EWM demands a change of policy. They urge the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the World Bank to stop supporting the financial world that wishes to privatize water, public services and public heritage. The European Union should not be a representative of the financial world, but a voice for the people.


EWM advocates for solid European investments in order to secure a safe and sustainable water supply for all. These public water systems should be paid for through general taxation, and according to EWM a solid water supply system can best be built by exchanging best practice among public enterprises and local authorities across Europe. Furthermore EWM demands the prohibition of industrial contracts for the exploitation of bottled water in order to protect and conserve these water resources for future generations.




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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Action/campaign organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Other (non-profit), Other (specify): Water
Date of commencement 2012
Founder(s) social organizations, committees and unions from different European countries
Legal form No legal status (Network)
Continent Europe
Country Belgium
City Brussels
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Water is a human right, water management, clean drinking water
Publications reports, news items, documentaries, twitter
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David Sánchez Carpio


Contact information

Name European Water Movement
Address Rue d’Edinbourg, 26
Zip/postal code 1050
Place Brussels
State/province Brussels
Country Belgium
Phone +32 (0) 2893 1045
E-mail or



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