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Equal Opportunity Model


The Equal Opportunity Model (EOM) is a new economic model developed by Dutch entrepreneur Diederik van Duyn. The model provides a completely new relationship between producers, retailers and customers. All parties involved in the supply chain form a cooperative in order to support each other instead of competing with one another.


Because producers and purchasers work together in a cooperative model, intermediaries such as auctions, wholesalers, importers and exporters are unnecessary. This leads to significant cost savings, allowing the products to be sold at a fair and competitive price.


One of the main principles of the Equal Opportunity Model is to guarantee a fair reward for all participants. Each party receives a fair share based on his investment and labour and everyone shares in the profits. Logistical and technical partners are also part of the cooperative.


Van Duyn: "The Equal Opportunity Model is about the common interest. It requires a totally new way of thinking in comparison to our current economic model which is based on self-interest and profit maximization, often at the expense of others. The Equal Opportunity Model eliminates inequality."


Thanks to the Equal Opportunity Model all parties involved can make arrangements in advance. A supermarket chain for example, agrees with coffee farmers beforehand how much coffee it wants to buy and at what price. This ensures all parties get a profit. The coffee farmers know they can sell their product at a fair and guaranteed price and the supermarket chain in turn knows that it can sell the coffee at a fair and competitive price. The supermarket can put its logo on the product and in that way show the customer that the coffee is sustainably produced.


According to Van Duyn, the model also offers new opportunities for civic organizations, banks and governments. Many development aid agencies for example are confronted with budget cuts and are eagerly looking for other sources of income. The EOM cooperative can help these organizations and connect them to retail partners.


But also banks and investors can adapt a new way of working. Many projects are now solely funded at high interest rates, but banks, pension funds and other investors can invest without too big a risk in Equal Opportunity Model projects, since the products they invest in are sold before they are even made.


The Equal Opportunity Model provides an opportunity to return to a healthy economy, without interference of financial speculators. It is an economy that respects the position and needs of all people involved. All participants work together and support each other on the bases of equality.


The Equal Opportunity Model will be launched this year in South Africa, Belgium, Spain, India and the Netherlands and is especially welcomed by entrepreneurs and cooperatives active in agriculture. Also read our article: “New business model ensures fair price”.


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Type of initiative Company
Field of work Trade
Date of commencement 2014
Founder(s) Diederik van Duyn
Legal form Cooperative
Continent Europe
Country Nederland
City Brielle
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Cooperative , Equal Opportunity Model
Publications newsletter
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Diederik van Duyn


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Name Equal Opportunity Model
Address Kaaistraat 1-3
Zip/postal code 231KC
Place Brielle
State/province province of South Holland
Country Netherlands
Phone +31 (0)181 776 248



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