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Economy Transformers


Economy Transformers (ET) was founded in 2009 by Damaris Matthijsen, and is now a network of about 500 professionals who are active on a voluntary basis to re-establish an economy that is in harmony with man and nature. Former Rabobank top manager Herman Wijffels is the organisation’s patron. The current cart puller is Henry Mentink of MyWheels and of "Het Veerhuis" in Varik.


ET organizes network meetings, symposiums and courses in which thinkers and doers get together to develop ideas and initiate action with respect to a new sustainable economy. Apart from that, Economy Transformers arranges speakers for events.


The many meetings have led, among others, to the following:

  • Six dimensions for economic change: a transition model for existing organisations that want to prepare for, and take a leading position in, the new economy;  or else a guide for people who want to launch new economic initiatives. For more info about this model, visit: The six dimensions model is practible and accessible and nevertheless thorough and integral. One could say that it relates to, and is a practical product of, the ideals of the French Revolution; freedom, equality and fraternity.
  • Our money system: a paper that lists problems and solutions with regard to our current money system on the basis of the six dimensions. A free download is available on the ET website.


Economy Transformer Solutions actively works with the transition model developed by ET. By doing so, they actively try to guide and stimulate the transition to a new economy. ET offers organisations (and individuals) integral transition models, short workshops, presentations, documentation, etcetera.


Additionally, ET develops products and services for changes in companies and organisations, such as courses, assessments and interventions. ET also arranges speakers for events.


Currently, Damaris Matthijsen and Edward de Boer are working within ET Solutions.


ET is a lean organization without office who physically meet in The Veerhuis in Varik, The Netherlands.


Last update: October 2014


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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Knowledge and information, Other (specify): Economy
Date of commencement 2009
Founder(s) Damaris Matthijsen
Legal form
Continent Europe
Country Netherlands
City Varik
One or several keywords that describe your initiative new economy, associative economy,sustainable economy, money systems
Publications Yes
More information

Contact person(s)

Damaris Matthijsen


Contact information

Name Economy Transformers
Address Het Veerhuis, Waalbandijk 8
Zip/postal code 4064 CB
Place Varik
Country Netherlands
Phone +31 6 5063 7144



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