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The goal of the association (Democracy Now) is to introduce democracy on all political levels by realizing a direct legislative right through binding, citizen-initiated referendums. wants to achieve its goals, among others, by enhancing and spreading empirical and theoretical knowledge on direct democracy both among academics and among the general population, by both publicizing existing research and conducting and promoting its own research.


Other activities are keeping an archive; producing books and other publications; organizing debates, seminars, trainings, symposiums, websites, education; maintaining contacts with likeminded local and global movements;  convincing and engaging other socially active groups, parties and individuals; taking part in demonstrations, petitions and other actions.


Last update: September 2014.



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Type of initiative Action/campaign organization
Field of work Politics
Date of commencement 1995
Founder(s) Ludo de Schutter
Legal form Vereniging zonder winstoogmerk (non-profit association)
Continent Europe
Country Belgium
City Pellenberg
One or several keywords that describe your initiative direct democracy, referendum, binding citizen-initiated referendum, citizen lawmaking, popular sovereignty
More information Monthly email newsletter; book "Direct democracy" by Jos Verhulst and Arjen Nijeboer, downloadable from

Contact person(s)

Bert Penninckx


Contact information

Address Zavelstraat 22
Zip/postal code 3212
Place Pellenberg
State/province Flanders
Country Belgium
Phone +32 4 9568 7006



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