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Democracy International


Democracy International wants people to have the final political power. In this view, Democracy International aims to strengthen direct democracy and citizens’ participation on the local, national and transnational level across the globe. To realize more 'direct democracy', they help and support activists from all over the world in organizing knowledge-sharing events, by sharing legal expertise on direct democracy and in building campaigns for more democracy at the transnational level across countries.


Goals and Mission

Democracy International's goals are to give citizens a direct say in political decision-making and to make governments more accountable.

Democracy International stands for a globalization of democracy and a democratization of transnational decision-making processes. One of their core aims is a better and more democratic European Union. They advocate the improvement of the European Citizens' Initiative, so that citizens can truly participate in EU politics.


Democracy International intends to realize these main activities to accomplish its mission:

Learning and exchange

Democracy, the democratic procedural law and how it is practiced, is never completed but always in process. Different countries with different cultures develop a different kind of democracy. Yet, even if there is nothing like "the ideal democracy" we can constantly learn from each other and exchange experience with different styles and forms of democracy.


Help and develop

Building cross-border support and transnational solidarity among citizens and democracy groups. Democracy International seeks to offer support by sharing expertise and lessons learnt through three decades of experience; by advising on organizational development and campaigning; and by connecting activist and experts around the globe.


Transnational drawing together

Today democracy is mainly a governmental form of states and sub-national political entities. International politics is still largely in the hands of national governments. With the European Union, forms of direct democracy have begun to emerge also at supranational level. Democracy International seeks to consolidate this process and foster the development of transnational democratic structures.


Democracy International provides legal advice to democracy groups and individuals that want to launch citizens’ initiatives or to advance other forms of direct democracy in their region or country. Democracy International explains how to implement direct democracy and citizens' participation, what regulations need to be in place, and how to incorporate them in the constitutional process.


Support in organizational development

Democracy International consults democracy organizations and offers them support in

  • developing their organizations
  • campaigning and fundraising
  • website-management and customer relationship management
  • communications and media relations
  • event planning.


Democracy International Partners, Direct Democracy Navigator, Initiative für Demokratie-Erweiderung, mehr demokratie! Österreich, Mehr Demokratie e.V., OMNIBUS, Meer Democratie Nederland


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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Action/campaign organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Politics, Knowledge and information, Other (non-profit), Other (specify): Democracy
Date of commencement 2011
Founder(s) Gerald Häfner and Daniel Schily
Legal form Founded as Association (network, member organization)
Continent Europe
Country Germany
City Cologne
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Direct democracy, democracy, citizens' participation
Publications Newsletter
More information Twitter, Google+, Facebook

Contact person(s)

Andreas Müller


Contact information

Name Democracy International
Address Friedrich-Ebert-Ufer 52
Zip/postal code 51143
Place Cologne
Country Germany
Phone +49 (0) 2203 102 14 75
E-mail or



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