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Democracia Real YA!


‘Democracia Real YA!’, Spanish for ‘Real Democracy NOW!’, is a grassroots citizens' organization that has started in March 2011 in Spain. It sparked the political movement of May 15, 2011 whose protests gained worldwide attention. Democracia Real YA! is associated with approximately 200 smaller civil organizations.


Democracia Real YA! states in its manifesto that it is a broad social movement, dedicated to nonviolent protest, and that it maintains no affiliation with any political party or labour union. It has not appointed any single leader and is unwilling to join any of the existing political bodies.


It is, however, not an entirely apolitical movement, Democracia Real YA! considers the current political and economic system incapable of listening to and representing its citizens and therefore demands changes to the current social and economic policies, which have led many people into unemployment, poverty and lose their homes. The organization denounces the way big businesses and banks dominate the political and economic sphere and aims to propose a series of solutions to these problems through grassroots participatory democracy and direct democracy, which is based on people's assemblies and consensus decision-making.


Consensus democracy is the application of consensus decision-making to the process of legislation in a democracy. It is characterized by a decision-making structure which involves and takes into account as broad a range of opinions as possible, as opposed to systems where minority opinions can potentially be ignored by vote-winning majorities.


The Democracia Real YA! has drawn inspiration from the 2009 Icelandic financial crisis protests, the Arab Spring, the 2010–2011 Greek protests and the 2010-2011 revolutions in Tunisia. The movement is still very active and organizes manifestations for more democracy and a new economic system based on equality and a fair distribution of money and resources. According to Democracia Real YA! the priorities of any advanced society must be equality, progress, solidarity, freedom of culture, sustainability and development of common welfare.


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Type of initiative Action/campaign organization
Field of work Trade, Financial services, Politics, Law, Knowledge and information
Date of commencement 2011
Founder(s) Citizens
Legal form Association
Continent Europe
Country Spain
City Madrid
One or several keywords that describe your initiative social movement, democracy, protest
Publications Facebook , video, manifest, press-releases, publications
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Name Democracia Real YA!
Address Apartado de Correos 36142
Zip/postal code 28080
Place Madrid
State/province Madrid
Country Spain



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