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De Korenmaat


De Korenmaat ((The Bushel) is an organic and bio-dynamic food store located in Zeist. It prefers to work with an alternative model other than the free market economy in which strategy, lack of commitment and impulsive behaviour dominate.  Instead, the store strives to establish a dialogue between consumers, store and producers, the creation of ongoing relationships between all those involved in the economy, and fair and transparent prices allocating each producer in the value chain his or her fair share – nothing more, but also nothing less.


At De Korenmaat, customers order their products in advance. On the one hand, waste is limited to a minimum. On the other hand, it makes customers become more conscious of their actual needs.


Prices are made more transparent because customers pay the cost price and value added tax, plus an amount for handling costs. Regular customers pay this amount in advance by way of the so-called monthly sum, from which the store keepers’ incomes are paid. This way, customers can see where their money goes. The monthly sum is based on the number of products bought by a customer, and is fixed every 4 months, in consultation with the customers.


De Korenmaat works without capital of its own, because the shop keepers don’t want to consider the store to be their private property. That’s why regular customers are asked to pay customer deposits, which together make up the capital of the store. If people stop being a customer, they get their deposit back.


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Type of initiative Company
Field of work Trade
Date of commencement 1981
Founder(s) Hannie Kersten, Ank Kramers, Chiel LabruyŤre, Heleen Meijers, Han Willink
Legal form Vennootschap onder firma (partnership firm)
Continent Europe
Country Nederland
City Zeist
One or several keywords that describe your initiative social threefolding, associative economy, bio-dynamic food, transparency, fair prices
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Contact person(s)

Ruud Banus and Hans-Piet van Sprang


Contact information

Name De Korenmaat
Address Dijnselweg 84 a-b
Zip/postal code 3705 EN
Place Zeist
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31 30 699 0533



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