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De Blauwe Bloem


De Blauwe Bloem (The Blue Flower) is an organic and biodynamic grocery shop in Gent, Belgium. The shop aims to realize principles derived from associative economics. This means, among others:


  • that the shop does not aim to maximize profits, but to serve its customers in the best way possible
  • that the shop enters into long-lasting relationships with both customers and producers, while transactions are being agreed on the basis of conscious deliberation
  • that the shop strives after fair, real and transparent prices that give every producer in the economic value chain his fair share.


In De Blauwe Bloem, customers can only order their groceries in advance. On the one hand, this means prevention of waste – the shop keepers hardly have to throw anything away – while on the other hand, it forces customers to really think about their actual needs. That’s why the shop only opens on Tuesdays and Fridays.


The shop makes a start with fair prices by passing on the costs of the incomes of the shop keepers separately to customers. Customers agree to be bound to the shop for periods of 6 months, during which they are obliged, together with the other customers, to meet the incomes of the shop keepers. The shop’s products are correspondingly cheaper. New customers can acquaint themselves with this particular approach step by step.


Notwithstanding some disadvantages (one cannot just walk in and buy things), this approach also has advantages for customers. Shopping is done very efficiently. Also, customers are certain they don’t pay too much, or too little.


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Type of initiative Company
Field of work Trade
Date of commencement 1976
Founder(s) Mia Stockman and Luuk Humblet
Legal form Vennootschap onder firma (partnership firm)
Continent Europe
Country Belgium
City Gent
One or several keywords that describe your initiative associative economy, transparency, fair prices, organic, bio-dynamic, sustainability
Publications Several brochures are available. Clients receive a monthly newsletter.
More information

Contact person(s)

Luuk Humblet


Contact information

Name De Blauwe Bloem
Address Lange Steenstraat 52
Zip/postal code 9000
Place Gent
State/province East Flanders
Country Belgium
Phone +32 - 9 - 233 0574 (tel/fax)



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