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Curto Café


Curto Café, an innovative coffee shop in downtown Rio de Janeiro, is a bit different than most coffee shops in the sense that there are no prices. The young founders would like you to rethink your relationship with pricing and financial transactions and came up with a trust-based system. They have simply put out a blackboard where they write their costs and expenses (including their salaries) and what they need on a monthly basis to sustain the business and then it is up to you to pay what you want and leave the money in a bucket. The six people who currently work at Curto have different living costs, and thus get different salaries according to their needs. The extra earnings are usually allocated to paying debts, which are also displayed on the cost boards, or are reinvested in the coffee shop and roasting facility.


The café, which is open from approximately 10:00 a.m. to 17:00, is an open space where drinkers and workers mix while they drink coffee. The beans are purchased straight from small producers in the hills in the state of Espírito Santo. Curto Café also sells the coffee beans, which are paid for under the same scheme.


The aim of this small café – where they serve just two types of coffee: espresso and cappuccino - is to create a space of belonging and to stimulate an environment where frequenters can cooperate with absolute freedom, where relationships are born, where free exchanges happen based on one’s own parameters, perceptions and financial ability.


And is the coffee here any good? Well, according to the reviews on Tripadvisor, it isn't just good, it is excellent!

In May 2015 Curto Café sold more than 16,000 cups of coffee. You will find Curto Café on the first floor (for our US readers that is the second floor) of the Edifício Garagem Menezes Côrtes, a short walk from Carioca Metro station.


Sources: Culinary Backstreets  Sprudge.


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Type of initiative Company, Other (specify): coffee shop
Field of work Services, other, Other (specify): Coffee shop
Date of commencement 2011
Founder(s) Gabriel Magalhães, Sergio Kienteca en Rômulo Martinez
Legal form
Continent South America
Country Brazil
City Rio de Janeiro
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Coffee shop, coffee, fair pricing, coffee beans, trust, freedom, cooperation
More information Facebook, Twitter

Contact person(s)

Gabriel Magalhães


Contact information

Name Curto Café
Address AV. Erasmos Braga 278, Sobreloja Quiosque 47 (Terminal Menezes C
Zip/postal code 20020-000
Place Rio de Janeiro
Country Brazil
Phone (21) 98323-0183 / (21) 98176-2582
E-mail --
Website --



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