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Corporate Accountability International


Corporate Accountability International (established in 1977) works to end irresponsible and dangerous corporate actions in order to ensure a world where people and the environment can flourish. The mission of this global movement is to stop life-threatening abuses by global corporations and to increase accountability to public institutions and people around the world.


The past 35 years Corporate Accountability International (CAI) has been waging and winning campaigns that safeguard public health, human rights, and the environment from corporate abuse. They launched their first successful campaign against an international corporation in 1977. This campaign directed against Nestle, resulted in the United Nations Code of Marketing; setting standards for the whole industry not to mislead the public. Over the years they launched successful campaigns against nuclear weapon makers; the tobacco industry; the corporate control of water; the corporate abuse of food; land picking and many other campaigns for the protection of consumer’s rights and the environment.


CAI states that many of the world’s largest and most abusive corporations are still employing every means necessary – bribery, litigation, campaign contributions, high-paid lobbyists, trade associations, deceptive marketing and more – to promote their narrow self-interests. Global corporations get away with it because, with profits that exceed the GDP of many of the countries in which they operate, there are few limits on their power and influence.


But according to CAI it doesn’t have to be this way. CAI calls on individuals to raise their voices in order to make sure that major decisions affecting human lives and the planet are made democratically, not behind closed doors in corporate board rooms.


CAI uses the following strategies to achieve its goals.  Corporate Accountability International:

  • organizes massive and international movements of people to apply direct and strategic pressure on global corporations, moving them to halt their abuses;
  • locks in changes by strengthening democratic institutions and empowering governing bodies like the U.N., to exercise their authority over global corporations;
  • generates media visibility to expose corporate abuse and the reality behind corporate spin, as well as raise public awareness;
  • engages in shareholder activism to educate shareholders about corporate misconduct and bring about shifts in corporate behaviour;
  • organizes people to pressure corporations through a range of direct actions, from petition drives to visibility events;
  • builds strategic partnerships with allied organizations around the world;
  • exposes and challenges corporate influence over public policy;
  • participates in negotiations with international regulatory agencies;
  • nominates a corporation for the Corporate Hall of Shame once a year. Over the last three years this questionable award for bad behaviour was given to Chevron, Monsanto and Koch Industries Inc.


Corporate Accountability International is powered by tens of thousands of members, volunteers, activists and allied organizations. On their website you can find information about the current campaigns and if you wish you can get involved, take action or read the latest news items.


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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Action/campaign organization
Field of work Trade
Date of commencement 1977
Founder(s) Leah Margulies, Doug Johnson, Mark Ritchie and Doug Clement`
Legal form a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Continent North America
Country USA
City Boston
One or several keywords that describe your initiative corporate accountability, multinationals
Publications Books, newsletter, video, news items, facebook, twitter
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Jesse Bragg


Contact information

Name Corporate Accountability International
Address 10 Milk Street, Suite 610
Zip/postal code MA 02108
Place Boston
State/province Massachusetts
Country USA
Phone +1 617-695-2525



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