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Community Land Trust Brussels


Brussels Community Land Trust (CLT) realizes homes on community land. The initiative is a response to the skyrocketing housing prices in Brussels that make it almost impossible for low-income people to find affordable housing. For the low and middle class it is very hard to rent an affordable house and the houses that are for sale are much too expensive. Real estate prices have doubled between 2000 and 2010.


Community Land Trust Brussels tries to fight this housing crisis by purchasing land for the community. CLT believes that land should not be personal property and used for speculation, but should be used instead to meet the needs of residents.


CLT buys buildings and land, manages these in the name of the community; and by doing so makes affordable housing available to low-income households. The land is purchased with grant money and from the time of purchase remains for ever the property of the CLT. The houses are then sold to individuals on the basis of long-term lease contracts. In other words: individuals and families do not pay for the land that their house is build on and that makes buying a home much cheaper.


All CLT residents have the same rights and responsibilities as a regular house owner. They are free to remodel their homes and can in time sell the house or have their children inherit it. When leaving the house the residents regain the money invested plus a small part of the capital gain. Thanks to the CLT houses stay affordable for everyone, without the need for additional grants or loans.


Based on the same principle, CLT also buys and builds community buildings, public spaces, shops and local amenities. This makes it possible for local entrepreneurs to start a business at reasonable costs.


CLT is organized as a members club and every resident or business automatically becomes a member. There are three types of members, namely:

  • owners and residents (also residents without a CLT home can become a member);
  • owners of business premises or workspaces;
  • the Brussels government.


Each category has an equal vote in decision making. In this way all parties are closely involved in the decision making and together they are shaping the society they live in. CLT is about shared social responsibility and all members commit themselves to jointly manage the land as a common good.


Since 2012 Brussels Community Land Trusts (CLT) has been recognized by the Brussels Capital Region. Since then CLT is developing several new projects in many different neighborhoods.


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Type of initiative Other (specify): Community Land Trust
Field of work Other (specify): Land management
Date of commencement 2013
Founder(s) 15 local associations
Legal form Association
Continent Europe
Country Belgium
City Brussels
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Land Management, Community Land Trust, ownership, shared responsibility
Publications Video, facebook, newsletter, news items
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Contact person(s)

Philippe Voglaire


Contact information

Name Community Land Trust Brussel
Address Verheydenstraat 121
Zip/postal code 1070
Place Brussels
State/province Brussels
Country Belgium
Phone +32 02 840 61 49



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