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Community Forge


Community Forge is an international, non-profit 100% volunteer association based in Geneva that promotes complementary currencies as a means for communities to "Connect to their own Abundance" and drive a new social economy. They develop, distribute, and host free, open-source internet tools for community accounting and other basic management operations. Community Forge also brings community currency knowledge to policymakers at various levels (UN, EU, national and regional).


Starting with the LETS movement, the software has become increasingly used by Timebanks and independent initiatives who use them to unlock under-used local resources; increase social cohesion and volunteerism; increase economic resilience and promote local self-reliance while lowering environmental impact.


Community Forge provides consulting, technology and training, to make community currency systems understandable, practical and easy to use. It has touched or directly assisted with hundreds of mutual-credit systems in especially France, Switzerland, (Timebanks) USA, Belgium and other countries. Community Forge is now seeking to organise volunteers and partners in order to:

• encourage exchange between local communities, to build up a trade network, (LETS cluster in Belgium)

• develop the knowledge and resources to sustain the network without reliance on external donations

• promote complementary currencies as a tool for economic development in less developed countries (Kenya)

• develop a formal process to implement a regional currency in partnership with local businesses (Geneva)

• develop materials for outreach to local communities undergoing transition


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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Financial services, Knowledge and information
Date of commencement 2009
Founder(s) Tim Anderson and Matthew Slater
Legal form non for profit association
Continent Europe
Country Switzerland
City Geneva
One or several keywords that describe your initiative community currency
Publications Books, research publications, newsletter, software for complementary currencies
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Contact person(s)

Matthew Slater


Contact information

Name Community Forge
Address 100 rue de Carouge
Zip/postal code 1205
Place Geneva
State/province Switzerland
Country Switzerland
Phone +41(0)223202787



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