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CoFED helps campus communities to develop strong cooperatively-run food businesses that give students and communities access to healthy and sustainable food while at the same time promoting thriving, equitable, and resilient local economies.


CoFED started in 2010 as a regional and national solidarity network of American students that shared the wish to start student cooperatives. Since then CoFED has worked with over 40 student teams to start cooperative, sustainable food ventures on campuses. In addition to their work on campuses, CoFED recently started conducting a pilot programme to support healthy food access and enterprise development on community colleges.


CoFED wants to provide equitable benefit for people, planet and economy and generate community wealth. They offer students direct coaching, resources, and technical support. The strength of the CoFED concept lies in the open structure of the organization and their wish to share knowledge, resources and experiences in a spirit of brotherhood. CoFED staff serve as trainers and facilitators of a bottom-up solidarity network of student teams.


CoFED supports starting coops through the different phases of development. They offer workshops and retreats for student teams; facilitate one-to-one problem solving calls; offer organizational and operational analysis or simply drop by when a team is having a meeting. The website of CoFED functions as a platform and offers students the possibility to connect with fellow teams and mentors. Their website also contains a map of all student cooperatives in the USA.


CoFED helps starting student cooperatives with:

  • developing strong organizational structures and good internal communication;
  • improving the cooperative enterprise by analyzing governance, operations, and finances;
  • group visioning and planning;
  • sharing best practices;
  • building a strong local network; together with food producers, distributors and experts;
  • education and training;
  • setting up a inventory for the food coop; budgeting and pricing;
  • building transparent systems of accountability in order to create a financially sustainable coops.


The ultimate goal of CoFED is to unite students who believe in a better future through cooperatives, sustainable food and agriculture and thus creating a community of common wealth.


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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Information/network organization, Other (specify): coŲperatie
Field of work Agriculture, Trade, Education, Knowledge and information
Date of commencement 2010
Founder(s) Michael Pollan, Bill McKibben and others
Legal form cooperative
Continent North America
Country USA
City Berkeley
One or several keywords that describe your initiative student, food, cooperative, local economy
Publications Resource portal on website, detailed guides and video tutorials, toolkits, best practices, books, movies, articles, student-generated papers related to food and coops, twitter and facebook.
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Farzana Serang


Contact information

Name CoFED
Address 2510 Allstone Way, Suite 400
Zip/postal code 94704
Place Berkeley
State/province California
Country USA



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